Friday, November 19, 2010

diy wine glass tags and place cards for your holiday table

This time of year it seems like every store is carrying wine glass tags and place cards.  They are super cute and they can be a really fun way to dress up the table and bring in a bit of color and whimsy, so I thought I'd try to make some on the cheap and I adore the way they turned out.  Have a look and make some, if you like.  This project costs {almost} no money and if you made the gratitude garland on Monday, you already have most of the materials.

Here's what you'll need:

1. Scrapbook paper {I used the double sided cardstock kind}
2. Decorative paper punch
3. Ink for stamps
4. Ribbon {I used 3/8" grosgrain}
5. Standard hole punch
6. Number stamps
7. Acrylic stamping block

For the place cards you will also need:

 ~ Paper cutter {or ruler and scissors}
~ Avery labels {optional}
~ Round corner punch {optional}

Punch out your tag and add a hole punch to the top in the center.

Place the number stamp on the acrylic block and stamp the tag.

Cut a length of ribbon and fold in half, feed the ends through the punched hole, making a loop on one side.

Bring the two ends back through the loop and pull the knot secure.  {Try to gently tug on each ribbon end alternating side to side so you don't pull too hard and end up pulling the ribbon right through the punched hole}

So you should now have this:

Tie your ribbon around the stem of the wine glass and trim the edges to the desired length and, Voila!

 To make the place cards, use your paper cutter {or ruler and scissors} to make 3"x4" tags.  Round the corners if you like and fold them in half.

Punch a hole in the top middle of the seam side of the tag.

Tie a simple knot on the top of the name card just like you did on the wine stem and trim the edges of the ribbon.  Add your label {or write the name} and you're done!

This whole project took about an hour.  Wouldn't it be fun to make wine tags and host a tasting party?

 If your guests don't know each other, get them chatting by writing a random object on the underside of the wine tag and make a game of guests trying to guess each other's word.  {Make sure you have a bottle of wine for the winner!}

Even if you are only hosting your immediate family this Thanksgiving, dress up the table and make the kids feel super special by letting them drink apple cider from these wine glasses.

A personal message inside each guest's place card would be a thoughtful touch.

A colorful, personal holiday table doesn't have to cost a lot of time or money and your guests will appreciate that you took the time to make the holiday extra special.



  1. I'm following you on Facebook and here. What nice jewelry you have. I really like the Madison piece. Very appealing. Thanks.

  2. Very cute!!! Thanks for the tutorial!!!


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