Thursday, December 2, 2010


We go to the same Christmas tree lot every year.  It's out of the way and more expensive than getting a tree at The Home Depot or Costco, but it's our tradition and it makes me happy. 

I think tradition is important in a family. 

It builds a sense of security and marks the passing of time in a happy way.


Besides going to our favorite Christmas tree lot, these are some of my favorite traditions this time of year:

Unwrapping all the ornaments one at a time with Reid

Going out on Christmas Eve, looking at lights.  We bundle up and drink hot cocoa and walk around our favorite neighborhood. 

Participating in our town's Christmas parade.  This will be the first year that we haven't had a float in the parade.  I'm feeling a bit sad about that, but Reid really wants to walk the parade with his Boy Scout Den, so we are going to watch from the sidelines this time.

Having everyone at our home on Christmas.  It's loud and busy and there's tons of food and laughter and togetherness and it just makes me happy.  All the people I love, crammed in one house, cooking and being together as a family.  That's the best part of Christmas for me.

What is your favorite tradition this time of year?

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