Monday, January 31, 2011

what i {wish} i made monday: a few of my faves

Just in case you're new here...every Monday morning, I post a project, or sometimes a recipe, or new design, but usually a diy {easy} project from my weekend.

I dreamt up a cute one to share today...Mark took over with the boys on Saturday afternoon so I could go grab the fabric at my local Calico Corners...and what do you know?  They no longer sell fabric out of the store.  That's right, they are a fabric store with no fabric to sell you.  If I was in a cartoon, there would have been a question mark over my head.  It turns out they have changed from being a cut-your-fabric-on-the-spot store to a custom-order-your-fabric-store.  So, I will be sharing my tutorial with you {in 7-10 business days when my custom ordered 3/4 yard of fabric comes in...sigh}

But, don't worry, I am not leaving you without inspiration today.  I figured I would show you all a few of my favorite tutorials from other talented bloggers.


How fun are these DIY Deer Heads from Danielle Oakey Interiors?


I looove this white DIY Sunburst Mirror project from Isabella and Max Rooms


And I ADORE this Magnetic Chalkboard made from a vintage mirror found on Craig's List.

So, there you have it.  Three fun projects, all of which I hope to make.

I hope I inspired you to start dreaming of a fun project!

Happy Monday, sweet friends!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

regardless of the consequences

{Photo from The Pioneer Woman}

Remember how I told you that I got The Pioneer Woman Cookbook?  Well, I tried another recipe and....OMG!

If you make one thing this weekend, it should be this: bacon wrapped meatloaf.  That's right, I said it.  Bacon. Wrapped.  Meatloaf. 

I know what you're's all calories and heart cloggers and bacon and meatloaf and, well, bacon. 


I'm telling you, this is one of the best recipes I have made in a long time.  Plus it will probably make enough to feed your family all weekend long, which is a total bonus because then you can spend the rest of the weekend making love notes and Valentine's garland's.

If I would have started having chest pain at the dinner table, I would have still finished my plate.  It is that good. 

Trust me on this one.  You will be sneaking bites before it even makes it to a plate! {And probably again, before you put the leftovers in the fridge...and possibly the next morning when you see it in the fridge and remember how good it was}

Friday, January 28, 2011

dear yellow, i have a crush on you...

 My mom's favorite color is yellow.  I have always quietly disliked it {sorry mom}.

But, I guess we all really do turn into our parents because I am now suddenly obsessed with all things yellow.

It all started with this pillow from Target.

And I am in love with this bag from here {if only it wasn't out of stock!}

Special order for Amber

I just ordered a couple of these pillows from the sweetest little Etsy shop.  That is a whole 'nother post...stay tuned!


And, I totally want this sweet print by this Etsy shop

And ever since seeing this photo, I have been scouring Craig's List like a mad woman trying to find a similar dresser to paint yellow.

And how cool is this handmade headboard?  I love the grey and yellow combination also.  You can check out Dana's super awesome blog House Tweaking and get all the diy details!  And did you notice that fabulous pillow?!  Move me in!!

What cool things are you obsessing about right now?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

well, hello {and a giveaway!}

{Little Miss Momma aka Ashley modeling the Stella tag necklace.  Isn't she adorable?}

If you are new to the blog, welcome!  I'm super glad you're here!

I have been overwhelmed by the amazing response from the readers over at Little Miss Momma.  To everyone who left sweet comments, became followers, "liked" {Starfish} on facebook and placed orders yesterday, THANK YOU!

I feel so grateful that you took time out of your day to check out my shop and read my blog.  I am fortunate to do what I love and fortunate that you all validate my work by reading my blog and supporting my shop.  I have never experienced such an overwhelming response to a giveaway. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all SO much!

And, if you haven't heard about the {Starfish} giveaway happening over at Little Miss Momma, definitely head on over and enter to win!

You can head here to enter the giveaway.  {PS...there's a coupon code over there too!}

You will definitely want to become a follower of Ashley's seriously awesome blog while you're there.  It's one of my favorites.  She is adorable and she has so many creative ideas.  Her posts are genuine and real and her style of writing is so sincere. 
{I heart you Ashley!}

PS The February facebook winner will be chosen in just 5 days!!  If you don't follow {Starfish} on facebook, you can head over and click "like" and you will be automatically entered to win a necklace of your choice.  A new winner will be chosen on the first of every month in 2011.  Yippee!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

15 things about me

I thought it would be fun to tell you a little bit more about me...I have seen a few of these posts on some of the blogs that I follow and I have enjoyed getting to know the authors of my favorite blogs a little bit better.  I hope I don't bore you all to tears!

1.  I met my husband in a bar.  Not some classy sushi bar that serves fancy cocktails, but a total dive bar.  It still shocks me.  I tease him that I am the best thing to come out of that place!  We've been together 8 years and I am still crazy about him.

2.  I am a total scaredy cat.  If I even watch America's Most Wanted, I check the front and back door locks 3 times before going to bed.  Then I make Mark stand in the bathroom while I brush my teeth.  Not kidding.

3.  I have never lived anywhere but California.  I have no experience with cold, or snow or "real" weather. 

4.  I love to read, but can't stay interested in a fiction book.  I read only nonfiction.  Books about time management, memoirs, things like that.  I even tried the Twilight series, but I just couldn't do it.  Fiction just doesn't interest me. 

5.  I watch almost no TV.  And, while we're on it, I don't own a TiVo or DVR or any of those fancy pants show recorders.  I know, what a dinosaur, right?!  My dad actually bought us one as a gift and we gave it back because we felt bad that he was paying for a service every month that we just didn't use.  You only really need one of those unless you actually watch TV and we don't, except...

6.  I am completely addicted to The Bachelor and The Biggest Loser.  I don't watch any shows that aren't reality.  It's sort of along the same lines as the fiction book thing I guess.

7.  I almost never sit down.  Aside from working on the computer, working at my workbench, driving, or eating, I pretty much go all the time.  It's not my favorite thing about me.  It just seems like there's always something to do, plus it doesn't help that...

8.  I'm totally addicted to caffeine.  It used to be my morning routine to drop Reid off at school and go immediately to Starbucks, but now I make my drink at home most days and only go to Starbucks maybe once or twice a week.  I drink mostly iced chai lattes and I found that you can buy the same concentrate Starbucks uses at Target.  The box says to mix it 50/50 chai concentrate and milk.  I like mine pretty strong, so it's probably more like 80/20.  As Mark says "Chai concentrate with a splash of milk".

9.  I am terrified of elevators.  I usually take the stairs, if at all possible, but if I must go in one, the first thing I do is check to see if I have cell reception.  I am a bit claustrophobic and the thought of being stuck in an elevator makes me want to vomit.  The only time I feel safe in an elevator is if Mark is with me.  That is because he has actually been stuck in an elevator {in Mexico!} and pried the doors open to get out.

10.  I am the world's best secret keeper.  You know how you tell your friends "don't tell anyone, but.." and then you find out they completely told?  That is totally NOT me.  I could be interrogated at gun point and not tell.  Seriously.  I'm a vault. 

11.  I am the advice friend.  You know how you have certain friends for certain things?  I am the advice friend.  Work problems, guy problems, whatever.  I am a really good listener.

12.  I can be a total ditz sometimes.  Like that time I called my very first landlord because it smelled like smoke every time I pre heated the oven....{I was storing paper shopping bags in the broiler, which I thought was a storage drawer!}.  Oopsie!

13.  I need alone time.  That is how I recharge.  Whether it's getting my nails done, a walk on the pier, or taking myself out to lunch.  I need time to refuel and have time and space alone.  Granted, it's not very often, because let's face it: I have two kids.

14.  Food messes gross me out.  I can deal with poopy diapers, vomit even, but seeing bananas mashed into my babies ear and hair and high chair make me instantly start dry heaving.  I don't know what it is.  I just can't take it.  When Grant is done, I clean up as fast as possible and try not to think about it {and hold my breath sometimes, I am embarrassed to say!}.  I cannot wait until we are out of the high chair/messy food phase!!

15.   I LOVE football.  I didn't always, but Mark has had season tickets to the Charger's games since before we met and it has grown on me over the years.  I love going to the games and cheering and the excitement of being in the stadium.  I never thought I would say that.

So that's a bit about me!  I hope you still want to hang around and be my bloggy bff!
{thanks Little Miss Momma for coining that term!}

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm being featured!

I get super duper excited when other blogs feature me!  Beckie over at Knock Off Decor emailed me last week and told me that she was featuring my Ballard Pin Board project!!


You can head here to check out the post.  If you are a diy gal, you will definitely want to browse all the amazing projects she has gathered from some seriously talented bloggers!

Her blog is dedicated to featuring projects that are low cost, do it yourself versions of products from stores like Pottery Barn, Ballard and Restoration Hardware.

I want to make them all!

Monday, January 24, 2011

what i made monday: valentine's heart garland

We had some family photos taken over the weekend and I wanted to make a fun photo prop for some Valentine's themed shots.

So...I made this felt and ribbon garland in all of about 15 minutes and I think it turned out so fun! 

I was able to find the felt hearts premade at Michaels, so all I had to do was punch a couple of holes in each of them and run some ribbon through!  Instant garland!

Of course you could easily make the felt hearts yourself.  Just use the fabric stiffening spray on the felt before cutting out the hearts.  That was my original plan, but then I saw these ones already made, so in the interest of time I opted for the premade hearts.

Happy crafting!

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

my favorite way to start the day

I love our pier.  Taking a walk to the end and back with a cup of coffee is my very favorite way to start the day. I rarely have my camera with me, but I thought it would be fun to share a bit of my morning with you so I took it along the other day. 

The weather has been unbelievably nice here.  It's been sunny and clear and warm and I am so happy to be soaking it all in.

This is the view from the end of the pier, looking out into the ocean.  It's so peaceful and calm.

I hope your Sunday is beautiful and relaxing and filled with all the things that make you happy!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

in the shop!

All four necklaces are up and in the shop!!  You can check them out here.

Don't forget about the buy 2, get 1 free promo.  It's today and tomorrow only.  Read all about it at the bottom of this post.

I hope you all have a relaxing weekend!  It's been gorgeous and sunny here and I am soaking in the beautiful weather.

Our weekend will be filled with baseball tryouts, monster trucks and family photos {and hopefully a little sleeping in for this mama!}  What's on your weekend agenda?

Friday, January 21, 2011

valentine's collection day 4: britt {and a huuugge announcement!}

Today is the last day of the Valentine's collection.  Which means, they all go on sale tomorrow!!  Yay!!

So, here is the new Britt necklace.  This last one completely reminds me of those little chalky conversation hearts you always see around Valentine's Day.  They say things like "hot stuff" and "kiss me".

You know which ones I'm talking about, right?

I big puffy heart this necklace.  I think it's cute and fun and a little bit whimsical.  I like how the charms nest and the delicate chain just glitters against your skin.  It's almost invisible.  Ahhh, perfection. 

The two pea sized charms can be customized to have a capital block letter each if you prefer. 

And, here is the Britt on miss mannequin {aka my assistant}.

Here is one more look at each necklace in the collection.  From left to right: Sophia, Ava, Madison {mini} in Spanish, Britt, and Madison {mini} in French. 

It's been fun to share the collection with you.  I hope you like the pieces and I hope it gets you thinking about some out of the box, creative gift ideas to spread the love this Valentine's Day.

So, speaking of spreading the love, remember how I promised a big announcement earlier in the week {and at the top of this blog post}? it is!

Buy any 2 necklaces this Saturday and Sunday and get a 3rd necklace FREE!  Mix and match the necklaces {Poppy's keychain counts for this too!} and let me know the style and custom instructions you'd like for the third in the notes to seller when you check out. 

Okay, so for the rules and all that: this cannot be combined with other discounts/offers and the free necklace must be of equal or lesser value than the first two.

Happy Shopping and don't forget to check the shop in the morning!  All four of the necklaces in this collection will be listed!

Have a great Friday!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

valentine's collection day 3: madison {mini}

It's day 3 of the Valentine's collection!! 

This sweet little gem is the Madison {mini}.  For this design, I combined a couple of the most popular styles in the shop.  

I used the size of the Abby {mini} along with the heart from the Madison and of course, the words from Coco.

I made this one to say "I love you" in French, which I think is super fun and chic for Valentine's Day. 

You can also have it stamped with any name or word of your choice, up to 10 characters.  Here are some fun ideas for customizing the Madison {mini}.

Wear it as a mommy necklace with one name {or two short ones}   

Wear the name of your sweetheart

Give a Nana necklace.  I get A LOT of requests for a Nana necklace.  You could have this one stamped Nana or Grandma and have your little babes give it to Nana/Grandma with a homemade Valentine.

And...I think this would be such an adorable Valentine's gift for a sweet little girl, personalized with her name.  Oh, if I only had a little girl!!

I hope you guys like the Madison {mini}.  You can pick up this little gem from the shop starting on Saturday!

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for the fourth and final design in the collection.  I will also be making a big announcement {hint: think free bling!!}.  Hmmmm....see you in the morning!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

valentine's collection day 2: sophia

Well, hello!  Happy Wednesday to you! 

I am having so much fun giving unveiling some brand new styles that will soon be in the shop

Ready for the second necklace in the Valentine's collection? 

Meet Sophia!

This is the sister necklace to the Betsy.  The Betsy is hugely popular and this is a little twist on that style.  Instead of a monogram tag, Sophia has an 'xo' heart and the key finish is glossy silver instead of the glossy black.

Sophia comes strung on a delicate 16" chain {you can also select an 18" if you prefer}.

You can customize the heart with a single initial instead of the 'xo' if you like.

I am loving the new Sophia necklace and all it's romantic details.  Who has the key to your heart?

Stay tuned...necklace number 3 is up tomorrow!! 

{each necklace in the Valentine's collection will be available beginning this Saturday - yippee!}

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

valentine's collection day 1: ava

I am so excited to be sharing the very first of four designs in the Valentine's collection with you!!

Today's necklace is the brand new Ava design.

I love the lettering and I love the little dot at the end.  It's just enough sparkle and just enough detail.  A simple reminder of what matters most.

If you've been around here awhile you may have noticed that I am in love with the word love.  This is definitely the version that I will be wearing, but you can get it to say any word or name your heart desires.

Here it is on my assistant ;)

She looks great, don't you think?

The chain length shown is an 18", but you can also choose a 16" chain if you prefer. 

Ava {and the rest of the Valentine's collection will be available in my shop beginning this Saturday 1/22}.  I hope you'll come back tomorrow to see the next one in the collection!!
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