Tuesday, January 4, 2011

day 4: a resolution update

Remember my New Year's Resolution?  Well, today is day 4.  In days 1, 2 and 3 I got rid of 99 items!!  99!!  We donated some clothes from Reid's too small pile to a boy who really needed them, I cleaned out my purse and I got rid of a bunch of worn out, tattered and broken toys.  Yippee!!

Lots of bloggers have been posting about resolutions.  How to make yours {mine} stick and not be one of those people who make the same resolution year after year, but never actually accomplish it {for the record decluttering was on my resolutions list last year so I am mostly talking about myself here}.  

Here are some of the best tips I've read for making this your year to turn your resolution into a reality:

:: Pick only one thing
If you try to quit smoking, lose 30 pounds and get out of debt all at once, odds are you won't accomplish any of it.

:: Make your resolution specific and measureable
Instead of "I'm going to get in shape" resolve to "Workout 3 hours per week".

:: Set rewards for milestones
Since my goal is to clear the clutter by ridding our home of 25 things per day, when I get to 1,000 items I get to go get a massage.  That is pretty motivating for me when I am debating whether to keep or toss something...or whether to declutter at all.

:: Track your progress
I am writing down the number of items that leave our home every day on the family calendar.  There are also tons of online goal tracking tools like Joe's Goals.

:: Be accountable
I use this blog as a means of accountability.  It can be really tough to make changes alone.  Post progress boards around your home or tell your friends and ask them to check in on your progress.

And if you are starting a new habit {like me}....

:: Pick something you can do every day
 Things that you do every day will stick better than something you only do once or twice a week.

:: Find a trigger activity
 Some activity that is a constant in your daily life.  And use that activity as a trigger to complete your habit for the day.  It could be right when you wake up, during the kid's naptime, etc.  That way your resolution has a specific time in your life.

Happy resolution keeping!


  1. Thanks for the tips! I'm trying a new method for tracking weight loss. I want to lose a certain amount of weight before my vacation. I've put the incremental goals on my calendar (mid-month I should be here/end of month here)...just a pound or two a week will get me to where I want to be on May 1. That way, 25 pounds doesn't seem like so much and much more doable!


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