Friday, January 28, 2011

dear yellow, i have a crush on you...

 My mom's favorite color is yellow.  I have always quietly disliked it {sorry mom}.

But, I guess we all really do turn into our parents because I am now suddenly obsessed with all things yellow.

It all started with this pillow from Target.

And I am in love with this bag from here {if only it wasn't out of stock!}

Special order for Amber

I just ordered a couple of these pillows from the sweetest little Etsy shop.  That is a whole 'nother post...stay tuned!


And, I totally want this sweet print by this Etsy shop

And ever since seeing this photo, I have been scouring Craig's List like a mad woman trying to find a similar dresser to paint yellow.

And how cool is this handmade headboard?  I love the grey and yellow combination also.  You can check out Dana's super awesome blog House Tweaking and get all the diy details!  And did you notice that fabulous pillow?!  Move me in!!

What cool things are you obsessing about right now?


  1. ohhh I {love} that Love sign, bedding, and pillows. Hmmm, weekend project brewing?!!! Thanks for the inspiration. Who knew I liked yellow?!!!!

  2. Totally obsessed with Scrapbooking right now! I found this awesome blog called dear lizzy, and now I'm totally inspired! I rushed home from work yesterday and pulled out the pics!
    I love all the yellow! It's simple, subtle, an eye-popper, but not over-powering! Definitely gonna have to do some searching of my own...

  3. ummm totally obsessed with yellow as well. i have that pillow and it just makes me oh so happy. i am also loving the plum/eggplant color. and the pink champagne color off of the pantone spring 2011 chart.

    i love color.

  4. oooh.. and you should check out my golden glow ruffle necklace it's bound to put a smile on your face.


  5. Oh that print is gorgeous! I've been obsessing over purple lately.

  6. I am obsessing about my blues again!! And white! :) I love the colors of sea and do love yellow as well! My craft room is painted a pale yellow that reminds me of the sun. I love all your inspirations too, very pretty!!

  7. Great minds must think alike because I was never a huge fan of yellow until about a year ago. Now I love it! Especially when combined with grey. I love all the yellow items you picked out, especially the headboard!

  8. I'm obsessed with yellow, too! Actually, yellow and grey. Oh, and yellow and navy. LOVE it!

  9. I'm right there with you... yellow and grey!! its so crazy!! I am redoing our room in yellow when we move into the new house!!

  10. OMG! I recently got the same Target pillows! Love them and blogged them! What etsy shop did you find the other yellow?
    And look at this one...grey and yellow! I am in love with this womans house too!!!

  11. I just ordered 2 of those Target pillows! I'm re-doing my master bedroom gray and yellow and those pillows are going to be front and center :)

  12. You making me crave yellow this summer! And FYI: I love Jo Totes too! They are fantastic.

  13. Thank you so much for including me in your great yellow Love! I am totally into charcoal gray right now, I find it creeping into every room of my house!!

    Plush Studio

  14. Hey stopping by from LMM love your blog!! and a new follower!


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