Saturday, January 8, 2011

finding ways to stay sane

When Reid started school, I was not prepared for the mounds and mounds of paperwork that come home  Homework, permission slips, fundraiser forms, after school programs, newsletters, it never ends.  It builds up on our kitchen counter and it drives me nuts because of course when I actually need one of those papers I have to sort through the whole darn pile and by that point someone has probably spilled milk on it.  Completely frustrating.

So.....after seeing this post and this post, I was inspired to take action and create a countertop system to house all of our school and sports paperwork, errand lists, menu plans and the like.  It works beautifully. 

I took a spiral bound notebook and made three sections with dividers for Target, Vons and Costco.  We always have a running list of items to buy at these three stores so now we can keep them all in one spot and tear out the page when we run to that store.  It's my favorite part of this whole system.  Bye bye crumpled up scraps of paper in the kitchen junk drawer!

I love it.  It's neat and pretty and color coordinated and it makes me happy.  I actually look forward to sorting the paperwork from Reid's backpack after school!

What do you guys think?


  1. Love your organization ideas! I JUST got stuff today for a countertop "control center" for our kitchen. It seems to be the place that stuff piles up, eh? So glad to stumble on your blog today!

  2. Love it! Totally going to copy the idea of the spiral notebook for a shopping list! I'm sick of the crumpled papers too!!!


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