Sunday, January 9, 2011

in the backyard

It has been so cold here.  On the one semi warm day we had this week, Grant and I spent some time wandering around the backyard, checking on the plants and finding crunchy leaves.

Grant loves being outside.  He loves exploring and climbing and getting his hands dirty.

There isn't too much blooming in the yard right now, but there are a few blooms here and there if you look for them {I always look for them}.

Samson followed us outside and monitored from a sunny spot.  He pretty much just follows us around the house all day.  We always laugh about it.  He likes to be right where the people are.

I'm not sure what that fluffy wheat looking plant is, but I like it.  It only blooms this time of year. 

Pretty soon all the trees will be bare.  In the summer they are so green and full and brimming with life.  Then in the fall they slowly change color and lose all their leaves.  Eventually, just the branches remain and it looks so wintery.  Then, before you know it, spring arrives and you look up and say "Oh look.  The beautiful leaves are back.  When did that happen?"

It's kind of fun watching the seasons change in the yard.  It slows life down a bit and reminds me  that everything is always happening just as it's supposed to, in it's own perfect time.


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