Thursday, January 20, 2011

valentine's collection day 3: madison {mini}

It's day 3 of the Valentine's collection!! 

This sweet little gem is the Madison {mini}.  For this design, I combined a couple of the most popular styles in the shop.  

I used the size of the Abby {mini} along with the heart from the Madison and of course, the words from Coco.

I made this one to say "I love you" in French, which I think is super fun and chic for Valentine's Day. 

You can also have it stamped with any name or word of your choice, up to 10 characters.  Here are some fun ideas for customizing the Madison {mini}.

Wear it as a mommy necklace with one name {or two short ones}   

Wear the name of your sweetheart

Give a Nana necklace.  I get A LOT of requests for a Nana necklace.  You could have this one stamped Nana or Grandma and have your little babes give it to Nana/Grandma with a homemade Valentine.

And...I think this would be such an adorable Valentine's gift for a sweet little girl, personalized with her name.  Oh, if I only had a little girl!!

I hope you guys like the Madison {mini}.  You can pick up this little gem from the shop starting on Saturday!

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for the fourth and final design in the collection.  I will also be making a big announcement {hint: think free bling!!}.  Hmmmm....see you in the morning!


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