Monday, January 3, 2011

what i made monday: a little cart

Mark saw someone tossing this little rolling cart into the dumpster behind our shop and saved it for me because he knows I have been wanting to learn to paint furniture. It had been badly burned in a house fire and was pretty rickety.  He thought I could learn with it and then toss it.

The before photo really doesn't do justice to how badly burnt this thing was.  That "before" was after several sanding sessions. 

I purchased this ebook several months ago and it was well worth the $10 price tag.  For someone who had no clue and has never painted any furniture, it really cut a lot of the guesswork and saved a ton of time.  I highly recommend it.  {this is not an affiliate link...I'm pretty sure these sweet people have no idea I exist}  I just really like the book.

So, now that my cart is done, I have a desk that I want to paint for Reid.  I also want to paint our bedroom furniture, but I have to work up more courage for that one.  The truth is, now that I painted this one thing white, I pretty much want to paint every piece of furniture we own in white.  I love it!

I spent probably 4 or 5 afternoons working on this and of course now I have no intention of tossing it!  {Much to Mark's dismay...poor thing thought he was just bringing home some practice scrap...sorry babe!}

My first thought was to use this in the laundry room to hold the detergents, etc.  But, we've had it there for a bit and I don't love it.  It takes up a little too much floor space and gets in the way.  So now I'm thinking of maybe adding a couple baskets to the shelves and using it in the office...or adding a few hooks to the side and turning it into a wrapping cart...hmmm.

What do you guys think?  If you have ideas for other uses, I'd love to hear them!!

Happy Monday!!


  1. It is so cute and it turned out great! You really did it a great job! Isn't it fun to paint things white!? It makes everything feel so new and clean! Have fun with the desk!

  2. Great job repurposing!;) hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  3. Looks GREAT!!! I want to paint our TV cabinet but Matt wants a new one...maybe I can practice on it?!?

  4. Had to laugh at your comment "now i want to paint all our furniture white'!! haha..I AM SO WITH YOU!Been distressing some furniture lately and I'M PRETTY DARN SURE every single piece in the house would look awesome white and rubbed back!! haha...go for it! Just "do it afraid"!!!
    jessie nelson nz


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