Sunday, February 27, 2011

lazy winter weekend mornings at our house

In the summer, our weekend mornings are a little different.  We will walk down to the beach cafe for breakfast.  Stroll along Sunset Cliffs and check out the waves, but this time of year, it looks like this outside:

And, we are all about snuggling up and enjoying a slow morning. 

If you stayed over at our house on a Friday or Saturday night, you would wake to find that Mark got up with the boys at 6am so I could sleep in for a few hours.  He does this every Saturday and Sunday without fail, and without me ever asking.  He's just amazing like that.

He will probably go to Vons to get groceries for dinner and maybe take the boys to go get donuts in their jammies {this is a daddy thing. I never allow them to leave the house without being fully dressed!}

When I get up, we laze around watching Sponge Bob and whatever else happens to be on Cartoon Network.  We eat breakfast and I drink my chai from a big mug topped with ridiculous amounts of whipped cream.

Reid will study his favorite book of the moment and tell us about every page.  This weekend he is trying to convince us that it's a good idea to get a bearded lizard for a pet and that he will take care of it all by himself.  {that's a tough sell with this mama!}

{Notice Reid's mint green desk in the background?  It's on my list of things to's a long list!}

Mark will start a fire and Samson will lay right in front, using all his energy to try and keep his eyelids open.

Around 10:30, Grant will be ready for his nap.  After he goes back to bed we will all start to motivate and get on with the day.  But, it's a good couple of lazy hours while it lasts...and I look forward to it all week long.

{5 year old tacky-but-oh-so-cozy peppermint patty lounging pants courtesy of Old Navy}

Happy Sunday Friends!


  1. Oh how cute the kiddos and doggie! And did I spot some whipped cream there? Yum.

  2. What a fabulous weekend! The boys look adorable in their PJ's. I bet all the folks at the donut shop look forward to seeing them. Btw, what a great husband you have, so nice of him to give you that kind of amazing break. I'm so jealous that you can walk down the beach to a cafe for breakfast! How nice!

    Happy Sunday!

  3. Hello,

    Happy Sunday! It's been snowing here in Massachusetts the last two days. I can't wait for our trip to CA. Llove the corner with the stylish desk So pretty!

  4. I love lazy weekend mornings. And that mint desk is awesome. I think the color rocks!

  5. It sounds like a perfect weekend!! Love the pants and the slippers! :)

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