Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the perfect play date

Since school was out last Friday, a few of us moms decided to meet down at the beach with our boys.

It has been warm and beautiful here and the boys love running around at the beach, even though the water is still a bit too cold for a dip! 

Here is the whole crew.  Aren't they adorable?

When we go to the beach, we set up this umbrella/tent for Grant and he never moves.  We give him snacks and a few toys and he is totally content to watch the big boys run around.  We were there well over two hours and he never moved off the towel!  He is the perfect beach baby!

The big boys climbed rocks and found caves and dug in the sand.

And, here's the Goose, happily holding down his towel.


I was so happy Mark left the shop early to come with us.


We had such a fun afternoon.  It was absolutely the perfect play date.  What's your perfect play date?


  1. Amber that looks like an amazing day! I love Grants little spot, it is perfect! Just plunk me down in the sand with an umbrella and "juice" I and will be good! :) SO glad that the boys had fun!

  2. Beautiful photos. You are really making me despise this cold Colorado weather! LOL!

  3. Oh, maybe you should check out today's post on Luxe Boulevard if you would like a change of scenery. I enjoyed yours!

  4. So fun!!! Is that Bermuda St?? Love that Grant just sits there...lucky!!!

  5. The weather has been so great lately. I am sad about this cold, cloudy day in Orange County today :( We've been going to The Strand with our friends lately. There's a great trail for Moms to walk and kiddos to scooter. They all end up in the sand eventually, but we love having the extra time to hang out while the kiddos play. Having such great beaches so close is such a treat, isn't it?!??!

    Love your gorgeous pix!

  6. Hello,

    How much fun! We can't wait to do our annual San Diego trip in April. We stay at Hotel Del. It's so cold here in New England. Our boys love 1/2 sleep overs and we try to do this once a month with their friends.
    Next one coming up next week before February break.
    Thank you for sharing. Have a nice week.

  7. ...from Holly Mathis interiors beautiful blog, love the jewelry, so pretty!

  8. Hi! I am visiting from Holly Mathis, and your blog is REALLY cute! I love your kids valentines! I grew up in Southern Cali and seeing your pictures really makes me miss it!!

  9. I came over from Holly Mathis to check out your blog after seeing your beautiful jewelry.
    Nothing better than a play date on the beach! It makes me sad that my boy is all grown up now.
    :( But we do have beach days with our little fox terrier whose new goal in life is to catch a seagull!

  10. What a handsome group of boys! Of course I'm partial to the redhead since I have one of my own! I'm visiting from Holly Mathis and I love your necklaces!


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