Wednesday, February 9, 2011

sugarplum lovin'

Did you guess what was in this box?

It was my new Jo Totes Rose Bag in Sugarplum!!  Yippee!!

It's a camera bag, and for me it will be a camera bag/purse/diaper bag.  I love all the padded compartments and it is plenty big without being overpowering.  I originally wanted the marigold which is a bright and cheery yellow, but they are out of stock on it and when I saw that the sugarplum was back in stock, I decided to go for it.  The color is dark plum and slightly metallic.  I really, really like it - I think it works well with lots of different colors and I think it will wear well too.

There are so many times when I want to take my camera somewhere, but I just don't want it to get broken.  I learned this lesson the hard way last year at the Christmas parade when I dropped my expensive lens on the asphalt and ruined it.  I was awkwardly trying to take photos/change lenses and hold a baby.  It didn't work.

So there have been a lot of missed photo ops due to lack of the right accessory...but not anymore! 


While I was photographing my new beauty, I remembered that I had this super cute Coach ponytail scarf and decided to try it on the bag.  LOVE it!!  I feel like it gives it a bit of extra personality and pop of color.

What do you guys think of Miss Sugarplum?  Do you take your camera wherever you go, and if you do, how do you transport it?


  1. I got a JoTotes for Christmas...same style, just in the slate/silver color. I absolutely love it, I have used it everyday since i switched my purses and I get compliments on it all the time. It is so helpful!

  2. She is so pretty!!! I would love to bring my camera but my purse is too small. These are really cute, I might have to check them out!!

  3. Oooh! I love it, I need one!!
    I take my camera everywhere, but it's usually thrown into the top of my diaper bag, which drives my husband crazy. He's always yelling about having an $800 camera sticking out of the diaper bag, maybe I can talk him into splurging for one of these bags!!

  4. I just love it! It's so beautiful. I carry my camera around my neck with all my other things. This is just wonderful! The pop of color looks really cute.
    Thank you for sharing. I must check this out.

    I saw Shelley's on House of Smiths too, and I'm so in love with Jo Totes!

  6. I LOVE that cute and I think i would use it like you are planning, multi purpose!

  7. You got a Jo Tote? I am jealous. Love the color!

  8. LOVE it and love the color!!!!! Definitely worth the wait!!!

  9. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The added Coach scarf is a great touch.

  10. I was just admiring this bag & had to gasp when I read it was a camera bag.

    I have a major case of blogger jealousy over here right about now. LOVE IT!

    Also enjoying your blog! Just recently discovered it, but you have a new fan for sure. :)


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