Friday, February 25, 2011

what i want more than stuff

{the latest batch of nice, but unnecessary items to leave our home.  thanks dad, for helping load it up}

There is so much that I want out of life and I am realizing that what I want the most is less. 

Remember my New Year's Resolution?  I've had a lot of stops and starts, but I'm making progress.  And, no matter how many items leave our house or get tossed, it feels like there are thousands more.

And, it's not that they are bad or not pretty, or don't work properly, but I've just come to realize that every item I own costs me.  There is a price for every single item I choose to own.  It costs money to buy it and then it costs my time and energy to clean it, maintain it, organize it, move it and fix it when it breaks.

And the bottom line is, we don't need that much.  I was thinking about how few items in my home I actually touch on a monthly basis.  Really.  How many things do I never touch or use?  Why am I keeping them?  I bet 80% of what we own doesn't get used, worn, played with, read, or looked at on a monthly basis.  It seems like a total waste.  And, meanwhile I spend the time that I could be laying by the fire with a good book cleaning and organizing and tripping over all of the things that I don't use or need. 

And that, my friends, is the definition of crazy.

Here is an excerpt of a really brilliant blog post I read this week:

"Why do we trade in our goals, hopes, and plans for things that will eventually end up in a garage sale or in the landfill? We’re pulling thousand-pound baggage behind us as we go through life thinking about the next thing we can add to it!

I like my stuff, but I am SO OVER IT.

Give me passion, pursuits, wholeness, healing, compassion, mercy, reconciliation, audacious goals, beauty, love, grace, kindness, tender touch…give me those instead, and let me not be distracted by anything less."

{from Rachel's Blog post, titled Loosen the Grip of More Stuff}

So true, right?

So long clutter, I am so done with you!  I have way bigger dreams for myself!

And, P.S. -  Dear expensive chandelier that had been sitting in the garage for 2 years: I don't miss you a bit!

Gotta go, I have stuff to throw away!



  1. Junk in the trunk! Getting rid of things is the best! I'm doing the same thing here in Boston! Getting rid of the stuff that we don't need! I LOVE contractor trash bags. They are HUGE and make going to the Goodwill so much easier! The only thing is that I'm finding furniture there to redo so I don't know if I'm defeating my purpose. Cheers to you;)Alyssa of Boston Bee

  2. Great quote and so true! It seems we spend so much time finding things that we don't need and wind up throwing out then enjoying the treasures that we truly love! Goodwill has already taken half my house it seems and I am sure that there is more on the way!

  3. SO perfect for the way I'm feeling right now. With a new baby it just keeps collecting and we are on a mission to purge big time. Good work on making room for more you and less stuff. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Thanks for sharing! Great inspiration!


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