Thursday, March 3, 2011

beach cafe breakfast tacos

This little beach cafe is a few blocks from our house.  It's a local fave and in the summer, we like to get up early and walk down here to have breakfast, then take a walk along the cliffs to check out the waves.

I always order the breakfast tacos...and they are always amazing.  I thought I'd try a simplified version at home.  I was pretty impressed with how good {and easy!} they are.  Here is my recipe:

Beach Cafe Breakfast Tacos

2 Eggs
2 Tablespoons Milk
1/4 Tsp Salt
1/8 Tsp Pepper
Green Onions, Chopped
Cooked Bacon, Chopped
Extra Sharp Cheddar, Grated {or whatever kind of cheese you prefer}
Tortillas {I like white corn}

Whisk together eggs, milk, salt, pepper and green onions together in a bowl. 

Melt a little butter in a small nonstick saucepan over medium low and add the egg mixture.  Sprinkle cooked bacon on top and continue to cook to desired doneness, stirring constantly with a rubber spatula.

Add grated cheese and continue to stir until melted.  Remove the cooked egg mixture to a plate and warm up the tortillas in the same skillet.  Add egg mixture to warmed tortillas and serve.


You can make this recipe super simple and quick by having the bacon cooked and chopped, the green onions chopped and the cheese already grated.  That's what I did.  When we made breakfast on Sunday, I just reserved enough of each ingredient that I wanted to use and stored them in rubbermaid containers so that I was all ready to go for Monday and Tuesday.

You could also add potatoes, bell peppers, jalapenos and so many other yummy things to these tacos, but since I was going for "easy-peasy-weekday-doable" I kept it as simple as I could.

Bon appetit!


  1. Beautiful.....I'm feeling a little jealous, okay a lot jealous! Enjoy - what a great way to spend family time together.

  2. What a great thing to do Amber! I usually go grab my Chai (yum) and head for a drive to the beach. It would be great if I could walk to get my Chai. :) The tacos look yummy and thank you for sharing! Have a great day!

  3. I love the look of the restaurant! So cute!

    Thanks for posting the recipe. My family will love them!

    Have a great day.

  4. Honest to goodness girl. I want to live where you live.
    dang Canadian cold freaking weather and "seasonal" beach decor. I want YEAR ROUND! haha


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