Wednesday, March 9, 2011

the best thing that's happened to me all year

The last year has not been an easy one for our family.  After my parents were involved in a horrific car accident last April, our family started out on a long journey, that even now, we are only at the beginning of.  My parents survived the accident and my brother and sister in law were the first to meet me in the ICU.  In the days that followed, my brother and I set up a system: I stayed home with Grant in the morning and he went to the hospital to be with our parents.  When he came home, I went to the hospital and he stayed with Grant. 

My brother has always been there.  He was there when both my children were born.  He was there in the hospital waiting room with Mark when I had emergency surgery after we lost a pregnancy, and he stayed at our house for the week that followed, taking care of a then 2 year old Reid and making dinner and cleaning and bringing celebrity gossip magazines to my bedside.

{me and the Bubbs}

He has been there this year too.  He has sat on the phone with me for hours, and he has picked it up well after midnight to hear me sob into the receiver.  We have always been close, but this year has made our bond incredibly strong. 

And that's why the best thing that happened to me this year didn't happen to me at all.  It happened to him. 

A few weeks ago I was doing my grocery shopping and heard my phone ring with a message.  I had my hands full, so I didn't look at it right away.  When I did, I saw a photo of a shiny silver badge.  The picture was from my brother.  The badge said 'Asst. Chief'.  I burst into tears.  He had made Assistant Chief at his Fire Station.  I could not have been prouder if it had happened to me.  He has worked so hard, he deserves it so much.  I was totally overwhelmed with emotion.

The Vons employees probably thought I had just broken up with my boyfriend or something.  I'm sure it looked a little weird.  Who cries in the middle of a grocery store?  I waited until I was in the parking lot to call him and I told him how proud I was, how much he deserves it and how it couldn't have happened to anyone better.  I was just so happy.  Honestly, there haven't been many overwhelmingly happy moments this year.  I don't know when the last time was that I felt that happy.  I am absolutely thrilled for him.

I am so proud of what he has done with his life, not only in his career, but just the man that he has become.  He is such a great brother and I am so grateful for him. 

Seeing him achieve this dream just couldn't make me any happier.

And...Isn't that what family is all about?  They are the first ones to show up in the down and out ICU moments of your life, and they are there to cheer you on and cry for your success because it just makes them so happy. 

I love you Bubbs.


  1. That is awesome that you and brother are so close. My hubs sister and brother are extremely close - one of the things that attracted me. I too, have a brother who I hardly ever see or talk to, so sad, not sure why he doesn't have much to do with me or our mother. Anyway, congrats to your brother (who is extremely good looking,ha).

    Love your blog :)

  2. This just made me cry! My brother and I have always been really close. But the Navy took him to the other coast and several deployments made it so that we didn't see each other for almost 4 years until a few weeks ago. Sadly it took our Grandfather passing away to get us all in the same place. It was the first time in 6 years that my parents and all 3 of us kids were in the same place all at the same time. You are so lucky to have your brother so close to you! Congrats to him!

  3. Amber...What a precious photograph! My morning coffee and my heart just got a little warmer!
    Congratulations to Brother Bubbs! *Lynne* {w/l}

  4. Congratulations Brother Bubbs!!
    I loved reading this post, I love how you guys are soo close and it just warmed my heart!

  5. Congratulations to your brother! What an awesome accomplishment! My brother and I are super close. Whenever he gets a new medal (he's serving in the Army) he texts me a picture and I burst into tears too! What an amazing bond siblings have. So grateful we both have awesome brothers.

  6. such a sweet story! I hope my son and daughter are as close as you two! Such a great thing to have siblings as your BEST friend!! I couldn't function without my sister.

  7. Made me cry too!!!! Congrats to your brother!

  8. I really loved this! I'm very close with my brother too (he's only 19 months younger than me) and he's one of my best friends. I love to hear about other brothers and sisters that are like how we are :)

  9. I am an only child and reading your story brought tears to my eyes. I have a little boy and girl and it is my dream that they too will grow up BEST OF FRIENDS! Congratulations on some much needed good news and thanks for your blog!

  10. What a wonderful story Amber!!! I had to get the tissue , I was crying happy tears with you !!

  11. I have nothing more that I can add to all of the other comments before me.....because I agree with all of them, and your post definitely brought tears to my eyes as well.

    Does your brother happen to be single....? If he is, I have a daughter that I would LOVE to set up with him!!

  12. Awhhhhh, this is such a special story!!!!!! This really has touched my heart..... You are so Blessed to have such a precious Brother, that loves you and your family so much!!!!He deserves much honor today and a big Congrats!!!!!!

    Michelle Torres

  13. I'm so glad you two are so close, and I'm glad that you shared this! My sister and I were so close in our lives at one time, but circumstances have changed that. This made me remember all those happier times.
    Congratulations to your brother as well! It sounds like he definitely deserves it!!

    -Many Smiles

  14. Yes, he is very handsome and very married. I'm so lucky to have him and his entire family. Love you Amber.


  15. Wow!!! I hope that someday my Son and Daughter can be as close as they are now as children and can still be best friends as they get older!!! Thanks for sharing...I am your newest Follower ... visit my page and follow me at


  16. What a wonderful story. Congrats to your brother Amber. I have tears falling into my coffee as I read this. You are truly blessed to have each other. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Wow Amber, first let me say I am so sorry about your parents accident and I hope and pray that they are doing well, I can't even imagine what you went and are going through. Second, congrats to your brother, that is so wonderful! And of course the last being I think that it is amazing that you have such a strong bond with your brother. I have an older brother and in the last year have finally got him back again, his ex wife was very controlling, and our bond is getting stronger again. I hope that my kids can have that same bond.


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