Tuesday, March 1, 2011

the brand new kelsie necklace

Well, hello!  Remember how I told you that I love customs?  Well I do.  And part of the reason is because sometimes I make a custom and I love it so much that I want to add it to the shop because I think you will love it too.

That is exactly what happened with the Kelsie.  Kim contacted me about making a necklace for her sister and together we came up with this sweet and delicate design.

The brand new Kelsie necklace is a twist on the popular Shelby.
Two sweet initial charms and a sweetheart tag are strung on a sterling beaded chain.
So classic.  Kelsie is the necklace you will want to wear every day.

You can find the new Kelsie necklace here.


  1. I'm kind of partial to the Grace :)

  2. LOVE IT!!!! So exciting -- I love seeing it featured. I am saving it for a "meet and greet" for my sweet new niece Charlotte. I know my sis will be thrilled.

  3. My necklace came in the mail today and I'm sleeping in the dang thing. NEVER TAKING IT OFF- it's just too presh!

    Thanks for being so fabulous. I love your stuff!

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