Thursday, March 31, 2011

crazy big dreams

I'm a bit of a dreamer.  Most of us creative types are.  I love being alone with my thoughts.  It gives me the time to think up big dreams.  I think about new designs, creative projects around the house, and just process life in general.  Lately I've been dreaming more than ever.  I've really had my head in the clouds. 

I have been getting out of the shower only to realize that I forgot to wash my hair, or that I only shaved one leg.  I have been missing my freeway off ramp and turning onto the wrong street on the way home. 

My head is so full of inspiration, I can't seem to keep up with it all.  I having been thinking a lot about creating the life I want and about being intentional when it comes to turning my dreams into reality.

Since I am so type A, I sometimes don't allow myself to dream things that are "not practical".  I like to see the whole staircase.  I like to work out in my head exactly how I will get from a to b, but sometimes you just have to take that first step in faith.  I have been trying to allow myself to dream crazy big and not to worry about what's "possible".  Life is too short. 

Some of the crazy big dreams that have been in my head lately are

Moving the {starfish} workshop and office to a barn - how cool would that be?

Spending a summer in a far off crazy amazing location with the boys.  I love the thought of taking three months to vacation in Bali or Europe.

Getting back to horseback riding.  Something I once loved.

Writing a book. 

Finding a way to help in my little community.  Lend a hand, do some good. 

What about you?  Have you been daydreaming anything big and crazy?


  1. Three months in bali would be ammmaazziinnngg! Also the whole horse back riding thing, I love. Very relaxing :), my grandpa owns a farm with 50+ horses so I've been riding since I was little. Love it.

  2. Did you take this photo?? I love it!!

  3. Oh, I am sooo much like that . . . so busy dreaming about the future . . . this year, my word is "intentional" and I am trying to make things happen. One thing I want to do is to start selling things on Etsy . . . I need to make it happen, right?

  4. I love dreaming big and you are so right, life is way to short! There are some things that I would love to get back to and do for the first time. Right now I am taking one step at a time but hopefully one day I will be able to take the plunge. :) I say if you can dream it, do it or at least try really really hard to. :)

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