Saturday, March 19, 2011

i'm ready for summer

Now that the days are getting longer and we've been getting sneak peeks of warmer weather here and there, I've decided that I am totally ready for summer to arrive.  Right now.

{family photo taken the summer Grant was, I miss that little pouch!}
I'm ready for flip flops and flowy sundresses.  I'm ready for laying around at the beach all day with my boys and I'm ready for mohawks made out of sunscreen.


I'm ready for a girls trip with my bestie to celebrate our birthdays...yeehaw!
{but I'm not so ready for the big 3-0...eek!}


I'm ready for adventures on the water, watching Reid at surf camp and spending a mellow week camping and hanging with my brother and sister in law.

I'm ready for blow up pools and messing around in the backyard.

I'm ready for our annual backyard campout and long unscheduled days.

Yep, I'm ready.  C'mon Summer!!


  1. I'm ready too! But it's a cold and blustery day here today, so I think my wait may be longer than yours. :) Very cute pictures!


  2. I love summer time! Don't worry 30 isn't so bad :) Today is my last day being 30 and I have to say after the initial shock wore off it really wasn't a big deal :)


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