Friday, March 4, 2011

more expensive means better, right?

For a few years I have been using Dior Show mascara.  When it came out it was supposed to be the best mascara ever.  I love it, but the last few times I've purchased it, it seems like it dries out really quick and I'm just not as impressed by the result as I used to be.

I decided to try a drug store brand {Maybeline} and take photos of each one on me so that I could compare the final result side by side. 

In the first photo I am wearing the Dior Show {$24.50}, and in the second I am wearing Maybeline Falsies mascara {$5.04}.

{please excuse the awkward self photography...and that little black thing at the bottom center of the pics is the top of my lens}

Wow!  I cannot believe how much better the Maybeline worked...granted I was comparing a brand new bottle to one that wasn't as fresh from the box, but's way, way better.  And no clumps!  Now I just need to decide what to spend that extra $20 bucks on! 


  1. Wow! What a difference!
    I was running low on money and got the Avon Volume or something since my SIL sells avon. It was around 8-something? But I got it through her online outlet for 1.99!

  2. That is a great difference! I've been using Maybelline pink and green since I thought white eyeliner was cool! :) Glad to see the comparison. Happy Friday!

  3. Hi Amber!
    I have been a Lancome Definicils girl for over 30's an issue of watery eyes...I would love to find something that didn't set me back 50.00 a year. I always receive free mascaras in the gift with purchase to offset the the and your new lashes are beautiful! *Lynne*

  4. It does look a lot better. I always use the little Lancome samples that I get when I buy my skincare. $20 would make a great dessert date with the hubby.

  5. It is deff. better! I love the falsies mascara actually, & i'm picky when it comes to it lol.

  6. I have been using Dior for a few years too! I will have to try the Maybelline, thanks!

  7. I tend to buy pricey makeup but when it comes to mascara I tend to like the drug store brands!

  8. I'm impressed! I have wimpy lashes, so I want to try this :-)


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