Tuesday, March 8, 2011

serious inspiration for your inner minimalist

The other day while at the car wash I stumbled on the new issue of O magazine and read the most inspiring article about designer Peri Workman.

She shares a tour of her SoHo loft as well as 9 of her best organizing secrets.

I love this space.  I would like to move right in.  I love all the white.  I love how bare it is.  I love that it's a bit industrial and I love that it's so small.  {I am super into all things small right now - I think I may be over the whole 'super size me' trend which I think was out of style awhile ago, but I am late to the party, as usual.}

Here are a few photos from the Oprah.com.  The article is available {here} .  It's a great read.

Peri Wolfman in her Manhattan apartment
Wicker basketsFlatwear on a shelfKitchen spoons in a collanderOrganized junk drawerTented closet with clothing rackHanging clothingPhotos displayed in postcard rackOrganized bag


  1. thanks so much for sharing this! LOVE it all ~ and will make my junk drawer look like that!!! Game on!!

    sharing on my facebook page today!


    xo ~ kristi

  2. Love it! That's my kind of style!

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