Monday, April 4, 2011

big big news

Happy Monday!!  Today marks the first day of our week long school Spring Break and I am super excited to get some extra time with Reid.  It's such a hustle bustle around here in the mornings {school starts at 7:40!!} so it will be nice not to be under the pressure cooker for a few days.  We don't have much planned yet...maybe Sea World, the Zoo, and a few Beach Days if the nice weather we've been having sticks around.

Okay, on to the big news...

In a few weeks, we are moving to a new house {eek!!}.  At first, I will admit, I was not super excited.  I love our house and I am not a big fan of change.  But, this is a good and necessary change and I am finally starting to get excited about it.  Plus I have started packing.  And purging.  More purging than packing so far, which I am totally happy to report.  Given my New Year's Resolution, this move is a perfect push to get me to my goal.

I finished the Master Bath over the weekend and today I will start working on the Master Closet.  It's pretty scary in there.

We will still be in the same beach town.  Reid will still go to the same school.  The new house is less than a mile away from our house now.  Except for the space we'll be living in, not much about our day to day life is changing.  And, the new space is super cool.  I will post some photos soon!

I am going to be sharing lots and lots of projects with you in the new house.  The first one is going to be my adventure in painting the oak kitchen cabinets white.  I am hoping to have this project completed prior to our move in, but we'll see.  Have any of you done this?  The cabinets are in great shape and the butcher block counter has been recently re-oiled in a dark stain that I think will totally pop once the cabinets go white.  I am planning to use this product, which I hear is the new best thing ever when it comes to painting cabinets.  If any of you have used it, I'd love to hear your feedback!

I picked out Restoration Hardware's Slate paint color for the Kitchen, Dining Room and Sunroom.  It's already up and looks amazing, but I think it will look even better once the cabinets are painted. 

My mom is also helping me sew window treatments which I am super happy she is willing to do {thanks mom!} because there is a crazy amount of windows that need covering and the cost of pre made panels adds up pretty fast.  I have been looking at fabrics from - they seem to be the cheapest out there, and they stock some great patterns.  If any of you have another online fabric resource, I'd love to hear about it!

My evenings are currently consumed with packing and purging.  I am learning quite a bit about moving tips especially from the FlyLady.  I read her chapter on moving in this book and I am following all the tips.  It's incredibly practical.

I have started a punch list of items that need to be completed around here before we move {i.e. take down art and patch and paint holes}.  I have also started a moving notebook, which I am hoping will keep us organized and keep all the important notes in one spot.  If you are an experienced mover and have any tips, please send them my way!!

I promise lots and lots of projects and inspiration when we get settled, but right now my mind is not on crafting.  I intend to pack my glue gun, fabrics and other miscellaneous artsy crafty supplies this week, so for the time being, I am not going to have any What I Made Monday posts.  It will just be my regular old posting, plus you'll probably hear lots of talk about this move.  I hope you don't mind!

I hope you all have a fantastic Monday!!  Wish us luck!!


  1. oh my! that's just all exciting! can't wait to see/hear of your cabinet transformations. Sounds great!!
    Will you still be by the water?!

  2. Does this mean any jewelry orders are on hold? Because I need about 6 necklaces!!

    Congratulations on the new house!! We move in, remodel, then move out for extra cash - so I feel ya on the moving thing. It can be exciting, but can be so tiresome and time consuming!! And make sure and look up Moda on - CUTE stuff!

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