Wednesday, April 13, 2011

sunset cliffs

One day last week the boys and I walked down to Sunset Cliffs to watch the sunset.  I snapped all these pics on my phone, so the quality is not the best.  When we got there, Reid quickly found a spot and was happy to perch, find some rocks and wait patiently.

Grant got a bit fussy after awhile so we had to head for home before the big finale.  We are pretty lucky that we get to see some beautiful sunsets around here.  {Look at those chubby fingers!  Is there anything sweeter?} 

In the summer, all the locals head down to the cliffs, perch and wait for the sun to set and then clap when it finally sinks into the sea.

It's a beautiful tradition, but it always makes me giggle to think about people clapping for the sunset.  

This was the pose I got when I said "Show me your sweet face"...hmmm.  {Note to self: time to retire this too small shirt} 

Oh, there is the sweet face. 

On the way to the cliffs.

Which is your favorite, watching the sunrise or watching the sunset?  I {obviously} pick sunset.

Hope your Wednesday is beautiful!!


  1. I have been following your blog for awhile now and had no idea you lived in San Diego! I went to point loma Nazarene university! Those pictures were wonderful! Thank you!

  2. We lived on Crown Point for a year when my husband graduated from SDSU. We would roller blade on the boardwalk (ha! ha!) and watch the sunset every single night. San Diego sunsets are the best ever!!!

    I blogged about you today. And I LOVED your three box strategy for packing. You are my hero, Amber!!

    xoxo, Mrs M

  3. Beautiful pics! Tough pick between sunrise and sunset. I actually don't think I could choose! I do like the peace and serene quiet when the sun is coming up but there's also nothing like a sunset!

  4. I love sunsets! Beautiful Photo's chica! I love that Tradition I hope to make some fun summer traditions this summer with my two boys :)


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