Thursday, April 14, 2011

a true friend...

{my bestie, Bets}

a true friend tells you when you look tired

a true friend tells you when they are worried about you

a true friend tells you that they are so proud of you

a true friend knows when something is wrong before you ever say anything

a true friend tells you that you are the "hot friend"

a true friend goes to teeny bopper concerts with you since your husband is too embarrassed to

a true friend stays up with you for the middle of the night sob

a true friend encourages all your crazy ideas

a true friend talks you down from the ledge when your hubster inadvertently shrinks your fave new dress and you're so mad you think you might actually fly through the roof

a true friend talks to you on the way to see your parents in the ICU when you have no idea what you are going to arrive to

a true friend stays up in to the wee hours eating Ben and Jerry's and talking about everything under the moon

a true friend always picks up the phone

a true friend makes you laugh until your cheeks hurt

a true friend comforts you when you realize you made a really bad decision

a true friend sits in the hospital waiting room with your hubster while you have emergency surgery

a true friend cries at your disappointments and says "I'm so sorry" and genuinely means it

a true friend tells you how happy they are for your success

a true friend is the one who knows it all...and loves you anyway

Bets and I have been friends for, um, forever.  I adore her.  She knows it all.  She could write my biography and I could write hers.  We have lived together, seen each other through lots and lots and LOTS and I know we will have side by side rocking chairs in the old folks home together someday.  That girl is true blue.

And, we are going away for a girls trip for our birthdays this year!!  In case I haven't mentioned it, I am SUPER excited.  I've never gone on a girls trip in the entire 8 years I've been married.  Crazy, right?!  I've never left the boys either.  But, I am turning 30 {!!} this year, so that calls for something BIG.  And, since Bets and I both have birthdays in May, we decided to go away for a long weekend.  I am so looking forward to laughing, talking late into the night, shopping, margaritas by the pool and spa treatments....aahhh...I just booked our room and I am counting the days!!


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