Friday, May 20, 2011

more winners!!

Okay, well, actually you are all winners, but only chose 3 of three entries to get a free necklace, so without further delay...congrats to the following ladies:

who said:

"I think 21 was my fav year so far too! It was such a fun year with my little girl and hubby was with us a lot! So much fun and bonding time :)"

who said:

"Happy Birthday--belated! :)

My favorite age has been 25. I hit my stride in my job, lost 30 pounds, and became pregnant ( bye bye30 lb weight loss!!) :)"

{by the way, Laura has a fantastic etsy shop with the most adorable accessories.  I had no idea!!  You should definitely check it out!!}


who said:

"How nice of you! You know how to celebrate a birthday!

I'd have to say 18 or 29...18 for when I went to college 1000 miles away from home and had to stand on my own two feet or 29 for when I became a mother for a first time. Both amazing times in my life!"

Ladies, email me with your necklace choice, custom instructions and shipping information!!

All three of these girls have fun blogs, so definitely check them out!!  You can click their name to link to each of their blogs!

And, with that I am off on my girls trip!!  See you next Wednesday!


  1. awww thanks so much for the kind words! What a fun and pleasant surprise!!! ANNNNDD!! HOORRAYYY!! So excited. :)

  2. aaah! I won! This is some awesome news :)


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