Monday, May 16, 2011

plum street prints {a giveaway!!!}

Today is my birthday, so how fitting is it that we celebrate with a giveaway??

You guys are going to looove this one!!  Plum Street Prints sells custom, modern, and unique ready to print art at extremely reasonable prices. 

Shannon and Lori co-own the hip print shop and I was thrilled when they asked if I'd be interested in a giveaway for my readers.  Um, yes please!!

And...they let me pick out 2 for myself!!  Well, Happy Birthday to me!!  Here is what I chose:

{For Reid's top bunk}

{For downstairs, maybe in the entry?}

I am not exaggerating when I say that I spent an hour on their shop site debating over which ones I wanted.  I love them ALL! 

Check out more super cool mod prints from their collection:

Modern Seattle Skyline Print - Printable 8x10

 I Love You Just as You Are (I Love Just You) - Printable 8x10  Rhino Children's Art - 8x10 Printable Art
{Sweet words for your sweet babes.  And an animal nursery print like no other.  Love.}

 Monkey Children's Art - 8x10 Printable Art

 Birth Announcement Poster - "I Heart" Boy Version - 8x10 Printable
{So fun and boyish without being too nursery feeling.}

 Nothing is Impossible - 8x10 Printable Art
{One of my favorite quotes.  I think I may still have to snag this one.  We all need this reminder sometimes.  I think this would be a great gift to send to a friend working on a big dream.}

 Paris is Always a Good Idea (Audrey Hepburn) - Printable Art
{Mmmhmmm...Let's go!}

Monogram Wall Print (Chevron) - 8x10 Printable Art
{How cool is this monogram?  Can't you picture it framed in a gallery of black and white family photos?}

Birth Announcement Wall Print - 8x10 Printable Art
{The most beautiful take on a birth announcement I have ever seen.  If I had a girl, this would be on her wall.  In this exact color combo. Gorgeous.}

Love is Spoken Here - 8x10 Printable Art
{I need this reminder sometimes!!}

{LOVE these state silhouettes.  You can get any state you like, but of course you knew I'd pick this one!!}

You can see why I had such a hard time choosing, right?  Well, guess what?  Two {yep, 2!} of you lucky readers will get to choose a Plum Street print of your own!!  Yippee!!


Look what they just added to their shop!!
Greek Key Custom iPhone Case - Personalized Cover - iPhone 4 3G 3GS - iPod Touch - AT&T - Verizon
{Hands down, the coolest iphone case I've ever seen.  An iphone has been on my list for a few months now and I think this case just pushed it to the urgent priority section!!  I LOVE it!!  Tell me that is not the greatest thing ever!!  This is not part of the giveaway, but I couldn't resist showing you!!}

Holy cow!!  I could spend my entire afternoon thinking of ways to spend money over at Plum Street.  I think that their designs are exceptional and creative and modern and inspirational and just plain fun.

And, they start at just $10!!  You can get a custom personalized gift, frame it and spend under $20 for a gift that will be treasured forever.  You know I love thoughtful and personal gifts, right?! 

Once you place an order with Plum Street, you will be emailed with your custom art attached and ready for printing within a day or two. 

I am having mine printed for me at my local printer on heavy white cardstock.  I think it will come out better on a professional printer and I think it will be pretty reasonable as well.  If you have a colored printer and some heavy cardstock, you can print at home as well.  And because the print is sent as an attachment, there is no shipping charge, which makes this shop such a fun {and reasonable} splurge.

The standard size format they use is 8x10, but they can also format the file for a larger print on custom request.  

So, you all can't wait to enter right??  Here's how: 

To enter the giveaway, visit Plum Street Print's shop on Etsy and leave a comment here telling us which print you would choose if you won!

If you want some extra credit to up your chances of winning {because we all do, right?!}, you can also:

"Like" Plum Street Prints while at their Etsy shop (it's in the left column).

Re-post about this giveaway on your blog or Facebook page with a link to this giveaway.

Make sure to leave a separate comment for each thing you do!

Good Luck!!!  The winner will be announced here on Thursday evening!! 

PS If you just can't wait for your Plum Street Prints fix, look what they've offered to my readers:

A whopping 30% their already smokin' prices!!  Which is perfect, because today is my 30th birthday, how fitting is that?!  Aren't they the best??!! 

{PS...30% discount is for prints only and cannot be used for the iphone cases}

Thanks so much Shannon and Lori, for sponsoring this awesome giveaway!! 

Come back tomorrow for another giveaway!!  It's my birthday week and I'm ready to celebrate with you!!


  1. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day! I love the paris quote or the mom quote!

    Awesome giveaway!


  2. I added there shop to my favorites!


  3. Happy Birthday!! I like the "Nothing is Impossible" quote.
    I hope you have a fabulous day filled with many blessings. :)

  4. Happy birthday to you!!

    I would love the greek key iPhone case...but the custom boy's birth announcement is a close second!

  5. I liked Plum Street Prints as a favorite on etsy...I'm floyd33

  6. I'm now a follower of PSP blog!

    (MCC - huddyma at gmail dot com)

  7. I liked PSP on facebook!

    (dif email tho: mcbcarlisle at gmail dot com)

  8. Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!! I love the I am a child of God print!!!!!!! Would be perfect in my daughter's room!!!!!

    Michelle Torres

  9. I am a Follower of Plum Street Print's blog!!!!

    Michellle Torres

  10. i love the mom quote or the the silhouette of the ballerina!

  11. I love the "I Love You Just as You Are" print :)

  12. I liked Plum Street on Facebook

  13. I liked Plum Street Prints on their Etsy page too!

  14. Happy Birthday to's the big 30 right? As someone who just finished my 30th year I have to say it isn't such abad place to be :) Enjoy your day! I love this the Audrey Hepburn quote for a graduation gift and for my girlfriend who is opening up her own private practice, I love the animal alphabet print, and the california silhouette because I will always be a California girl.

  15. I like Plum Street on Facebook!

  16. I LOVE the monogram prints and the Audrey Hepburn quote! Thanks for the chance to win.

  17. I see why you had such a hard time deciding. I think I'd pick the monkey child's print. Adorable!

  18. So many great prints, but my fav is "let them be little". Such a great reminder! I can just see that hanging over my work table...

  19. Happy birthday lady! I love either the blossoms iphone case or the temple prints! How fun! Thanks for the chance...

  20. I added them to my favorites on Etsy!

  21. I added Plum Street to my etsy favorites!

  22. Holy Moly! I LOVE that Seattle Skyline. When I moved here to Seattle from California I always told people that California was my Soul but Seattle had my heart. I love the colors, the text.. so pretty! I even have the perfect wall to put that on! Thanks for the awesome awesome giveaway!

  23. I would definitely choose the "Nothing is Impossible" quote... great inspiration, plus it was Audrey Hepburn, my favorite!!!

  24. And... I am following the blog now!

  25. i would love to have a custom skyline of dallas made as i'm from there but live in kentucky at the moment but i HAVE to get one of those iphone covers, be still my heart!

  26. i liked their facebook page.

  27. i added them as a fav on etsy.

  28. i'm following their blog now too!

  29. Amber...Happy Birthday!
    I would pick the baby girl birth announcement first grandchild is due on June 20th! You know that I follow you! Check out my sidebar! ~Lynne

  30. Like you I spent forever trying to decide which one I like best. LOVE the Seattle skyline but would like to see San Diego since that is where I got engaged, got married and started my new life with my husband. If they don't have that, I love the LOVE is spoken here one. Honestly I could take any of them, they are all very unique.

  31. It's a toss up between an iPhone case (that I do need!) and a print for our nursery since baby is coming in October! :) Great giveaway!

  32. I'm so sorry I missed this yesterday. Happy Birthday!!!! Their stuff is amazing and I AM gonna use that coupon. I love the Audrey Hepburn quote for my girlfriend that just left the corporate grind to start her own business. And the baby stats for my sweet little niece. And the monogram for my family wall gallery . . . And . . .and. . . All good stuff!

  33. I just added Plum Street as one of my favorite shops on Etsy. :O)

  34. Also adding them to Facebook now!! :O)

  35. Also about to follow their blog... I've got to get this Seattle print.. lol

  36. I would get the California State print. I just love the idea of rockin' your state as decor.

  37. It took me all day to get back to it, but I liked them on Etsy.

  38. I'd take the "I am a child of God" print in the white colorway. I'm a sucker for that song since it is sung around here CONSTANTLY! The message is priceless too, I remind myself and my children of that fact as often as I can.

  39. Love is spoken here. Because it is in my home!


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