Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"new" furniture

I spent the majority of last weekend painting furniture.  The list of furniture I wanted to paint was getting very long and it was time to get busy.  Plus, my parents are getting ready to head out of town so they wanted to get a grandkid fix for a couple days before they head off.  With no kids underfoot, I had the perfect opportunity to get a lot done. 

Here is our newly repainted coffee table:

{the balloons were from Grant's little party}

I love the size and shape of it in the room and I love that light shade of gray too.  It was $35 on Craigs List.  It was knotted pine and the top had bits of paper plate stuck to it where someone had left a hot paper plate.  Eeeew. 

I don't have a great "before" shot, but you can sort of see it in the photo below.  It's that very back piece of furniture.

Do you remember the coffee table I was using in here before?  Here it is:

This one got a little spruce up also and is headed to the loft.  I'm not quite finished with it yet or I would share a photo.  That will come soon...

I also painted this little desk:

I had originally bought it for Reid to do his homework at.  But...we've been using it as a console behind the sofa and I really love the fit, so I may have to find another desk for Reid before he heads back to school in September. 

Those baskets are currently holding a bunch of board games, but I think I'm going to store extra blankets and sofa pillows in them instead and take the board games back upstairs to the loft {which is where I stole the baskets from}.

Here is the "before" of the desk:

This was another Craigs List find.  It was $40 and the woman was sad to get rid of it because she had just painted it green.  I didn't have the heart to tell her that I was going to paint it!  It was sort of a minty shade and whatever had been used to seal the paint was yellowing pretty badly. 

Those baskets are Smith and Hawken from Target.  I think those chalkboard labels are super cute.

Both pieces are painted the same light shade of gray which I think works well with the white chairs and the dark brown leather.  It also doesn't fight the wood stains in the room.  I wish I had the color name for you, but I had it color matched from a Pottery Barn furniture chip I had saved from when we bought Grant's changing table.

{I will look at a couple of my paint decks and see if I can find a pretty close match.}

So, there you have it, a new desk/console and coffee table for $75 and a little hard work.  On Thursday, I'll share with you how I paint furniture.  I'm no expert, but I'll share what works for me as well as a few tips I've learned in the process.

Don't forget that tomorrow is the 2nd week of the Summer Snapshots Linky Party!!  I hope you'll come back and link up!!  I can't wait to share my own and see what you all have been up to!


  1. Gorgeous! I love it all. Great job!

  2. You have inspired me to get painting! I just bought a few pieces at a garage sale. I will wait for your tutorial before I get started though. (no pressure)

  3. I am impressed! You are making great gains in styling your new home! We found our wine cooler on "the list" last week!
    [w /l]

  4. I think it all looks wonderful. I have a cabinet I'd like to paint but have no clue how to do it.... I can't wait to see your tutorial!


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