Thursday, June 23, 2011

pillows and other progress

I feel like the new house is finally starting to come together.  Granted, we still have a long way to go, but much progress has been made since I first shared these photos

The Living Room is the first thing you see when you open the door and when spend a lot of time here as a family.  I've been focusing my efforts on this room and I thought I'd let you peek at how it's coming along.

Remember when I purchased these fun sofa pillows {from here} back at the beginning of the year?  Shortly after that, we decided to move and they remained in a box until just last week.  I love the way they dress up the sofa and I love the fun surf colors.

The white bench is from Craigs List.  I initially bought it for the dining table, but it just didn't seem right.  We used it at the foot of the bed and we've also used it as a coffee table.  And now it's landed here in the Living Room.  I love it with the big striped pillow and it adds some extra seating without taking up too much room.

The purple velvet pillows are from HomeGoods.  I was on the fence and my mom was like "you have to get those."  She was so right.  Love them.

On the other side of the room, we added a pair of these chairs.  This room doesn't get a ton of light so pops of white and bright colors make it fun and inviting.  I plan to paint the coffee table, and find a more proportionate lamp and a better storage spot for the blankets, but for now it's progress and that's a good thing. 

{before}                                                                         {after}

We have also been working on the not so glamorous, but much need replacement of all the doorknobs.  It was not so much for beauty as it was for function.  The old ones were really, really old and they kept falling off.  So, when you went to open the closet or the kids room door, BAM, right on your foot.  And they were very heavy.  Since we are barefoot or in flip flops most of the time around here, it was getting old fast.  I picked up some oil rubbed bronze doorknobs at Home Depot and now we no longer have to worry about heavy doorknobs dropping on our children.  And, as an added bonus I think they look better too!

{Please excuse the awkward self portrait and the extreme lego mess in Reid's room. Every night that gets cleaned up and every night it looks just like that all over again...sigh.}

Since some of the downstairs doors are stained, I wanted to pick a finish that works on the paint and the stain finishes.  I think the oil rubbed bronze does the trick!

Have a great Thursday!


  1. LOVE those nautical striped curtains and pillows. Everything is coming together so lovely!

  2. Love your living room and your style! I also have dark leather sofas and am trying to find ways to brighten them, those pillows are perfect. I also LOVE your stained doors. How pretty:)!

  3. It's starting to shape up! It's a long process, isn't it?? I can tell you are going to make it "just right". :)

  4. LOVE your house!! Wow! My husband and I just recently started looking to buy our first and I am terrified! Either way you house is looking awesome, I am a new follower from emily Jones deisgn co and muyst say I love what I have seen thus far!
    Come check me out at

  5. Im loving those striped curtains and pillows. So fresh and modern and beachy.

    New follower from and Tatertots and Jello.

    Love your blog!!!

  6. Love the pillows. Yellow is one of my favorites to add a little pop! Visiting from Tatertots and Jello! Cara

  7. Lo-o-ove those striped curtains!!!


  8. Love those nautical striped curtains and pillows. Everything is coming together so lovely!!
    Thanks for sharing with us..
    Ladies Loungewear

  9. Yellow and White great colorful combination Accent Pillows are given very pretty look in room.


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