Wednesday, June 1, 2011

summer inspiration

There seems to be inspiration every where I turn!!  I can't keep up with all the ideas going through my head!!  Here are a couple things catching my eye and inspiring my thoughts this week...

Fresh and fun striped paper straws.  I've never seen them in this color!  Photo from {here}.

I also recently discovered this lovely shop and blog which recently posted about these wine crate summer flowers arrangements.  Genius!

Here is the link to her original inspiration.  Man, I am going to hunt down a wine crate this week!  I cannot wait to have one of these in the house and the patio table...and also the porch.

And speaking of flowers, am I the only one who doesn't have {or have access to} a giant blooming lilac tree??  Man!! 

more blooms


Lovely lilac photos from the sweet Emily's blog.  Aahh...

More lilacs from {here}.

I never wanted plummy painted furniture until I saw this photo

Photo from this freckled and fabulous blog.  I could totally imagine a girly dresser painted like this in my closet...hmmmm.  Right now, somewhere in front of his computer, my husband is reading this and getting nervous that I might be on Craigs List at this very moment scouring for a dresser to paint pink and add to our very long list of projects.  Hee hee.

Reid has asked multiple times if he could have a lemonade stand.  I think we are going to oblige this summer.

And, I think I am going to try and build the stand myself.  Er, with Mark's help.  Lord knows, I don't even know what to do with a screwdriver.  Isn't this one the cutest?  Photo from the ever inspiring

On another note, the weather here has been gorgeous and we have been taking every opportunity to head to the beach.  I have been washing our beach towels every single day, but I don't mind it a bit.  I am SO ready for summer!!


  1. Love it all! I would LOVE a lilac tree in my yard...who am I kidding...I want an entire "cut" garden so I can walk outside and fill vases all over my house just from my backyard!! Some day!! Oh, and Lily wants to do a lemonade stand too!!! They have some cute stuff for it at Target right now!

  2. By the way, I saw some antique wine crates down at one of the antique stores in OB...maybe Vignettes? We used a wine crate for Lily's fairy garden!

  3. Beautiful photos Amber and no, I don't have a giant gorgeous Lilac bush either. :( I would like one though, I love their aroma so much!
    I am so glad that you are going to the beach, it is been nice here too finally and I am loving it!


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