Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Snapshots Week 2 {Linky Party!!}

Happy Wednesday to you!!  It's week 2 of the Summer Snapshots series!  I had so much fun checking out all of your blogs and snapshots last week!  Thanks so much for joining me!

This little link up is pushing me to be more intentional, to take out my camera more often and to capture the little moments.  I hope you all are enjoying it as much as I am!

Last week, Emily posted a great tutorial about creating a photo collage in Picasa, which is a free photo editing program.  If you haven't seen her post and are curious about how to arrange your photos in a collage before posting them to your blog, you can check out her tutorial here

I decided to give it a try this week.  It was super easy and I think its fun to see the week in one snapshot like this.

Monday: We met some friends at Reid's elementary school to play and then took the boys to swim that evening.

Tuesday: Grant's 2nd birthday!!  We woke the boys up very early {can you tell by his face?!} to head to Disneyland to celebrate.

Wednesday: Reid had a friend over and they started work on a lego set.  I learned after about 5 minutes that if you assign one child to do the even numbered steps and one child to do the odd numbered steps, there is no bickering!  The child who is not building is the "assistant" and helps to find the pieces needed for that step.  It worked brilliantly!

Thursday: Reid continued working on the set in the morning and then we packed overnight bags for the boys and drove them to Amma and Poppa's to spend 2 nights.  They both get super excited for trips to Amma and Poppa's house!

Friday: Splashing around at the community pool at Amma and Poppa's.

Saturday: Trip to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, which is kind of like the zoo, but you get to view the animals roaming in a natural habitat.  They spent the afternoon running around and lounging in the backyard and my parents snapped this sweet photo of them hugging.  Not much is better than seeing your kids love on each other. 

Sunday: We had a little party for our immediate families to celebrate Grant's birthday, open a few gifts and share some cupcakes.

And that was our week!  I hope you will link up below and share your photos!!

If you link up, I would love it if you would please add a button to your post.


  1. This is so fun! I followed the directions this week and now I can't wait to go back at the end of the Summer to see each week.
    Thank you for such a wonderful idea!!

  2. Hi! I found you thru Jones Design Co. We've been chronicling our summer thru snapshots, too, so I linked up. Great party idea :)

  3. Thanks again for such a great idea. I may continue to do a "weekly review" with photos even once the summer is over.
    I write my blog to have a record of our days that my children can look back on. If other's enjoy peeking in on our life every once in a while that is OK, too!

  4. love the shot of the boys petting the deer.
    CUPCAKES I love

    Thank you for hosting the summer party it is just what I needed to get me back in the swing of things...Happy Summer & hugs from Savannah, Cherry


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