Thursday, August 11, 2011

buy some shoes and do some good

Over the weekend, I got my first pair of TOMS.  By now you've probably heard of them.  They are the shoe company who started the One for One Movement.  For every pair of shoes purchased, they donate a pair of shoes to a child in need.  Pretty incredible, right?

Of course this means that you pay a bit more for canvas shoes than you normally would.  {These wedges were $68.}  But, they have a cult like following and now I understand why.  They are super comfortable and there is something about looking down and knowing that the shoes you are wearing put shoes on a child in need.  That kind of feel good vibe is addictive.

Included with my shoes was a TOMS flag with a note that said: "Send us photos of you and your TOMS flag and join others from around the world in supporting our One for One movement".  I couldn't resist.  Here is the photo I sent:

I swear, these wedges are so cute with jeans and I even wore them with a cotton black dress to go out to dinner that night.

Love those shoes.  I already have my eye on my next pair...


  1. Super cute shoes! I didn't realize they have wedges, I've only paid attention to the flats. Super super cute!

  2. I have the wedges in a mint green color! Love Toms so much...pricey, but at least they are doing some good!

  3. Love Toms, they are so super comfy!

  4. You look fabulous!! I have always wanted a pair of Toms, and I don't think I can hold out much longer seeing as they come in wedges!! So cute!!

  5. I want a pair so bad!!!! I love the glitter ones! I think I'll be gifting them to myself on Christmas!

  6. I bought the red flats on vacay recently and I love them! I couldn't get the red striped wedges because for some reason I just can't walk in wedges. Seriously, heels are fine, but if I put on wedges I fall all over. I don't get it.


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