Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Snapshots Week 7 {linky party!!!}

Last week was all about Surf Camp!!  This is a summer tradition in our house and Reid really looks forward to it!!

Reid has gained so much confidence in the water since last year and he had a blast!! 

{Reid is front and center with the red hat on}

If you are a local San Diegan, this camp is amazing.  The counselors are all super awesome and they make it so much fun for the kids.  Reid has participated in this camp since before he started kindergarten.  In addition to surfing, they kayak, boogie board, and stand up paddle.

The kids earn beads each day that get strung together to make a necklace.  They earn a bead each time they participate in an activity like surfing or kayaking, but they also earn them for things like picking up trash and being a helper.  At the end of the week they have a cool necklace that represents their week and if you ask Reid, he can tell you what every single bead is for.  He has his necklaces from previous year's hanging from his bunk bed and they are very special to him.

This is Reid's third year of Surf Camp and each year I like to take a photo of his first day of camp.  Just for fun I thought I'd put last year's pic next to this year.  {Gasp!}  Where did that little baby face go??

{PS...That awesome in water and professional photography is by this talented guy}

I hope you'll join me for week 7 of the Summer Snapshots linky party and link up your photos below!!  I can't wait to see what everyone's been up to!!



  1. He is just so cute Amebr! Way to go Reed! Maybe he can teach me how to surf board some day lol.

  2. Surf camp looks like a blast!

  3. I Love that you are sharing the summer fun !
    Thank you for hosting Amber,
    and may I borrow your talented mother for a few days ?

  4. I LOVE Surf camp!!! It is great to see what type of 'camps' other parts of the country offer for kiddos! Love that!


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