Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Snapshots Week 8 {linky party!!!}

 {hydrangeas from the sweetest little neighborhood girls who were selling them for $1 a stem}

Last week, I took some time to smell the flowers.  Reid spent the majority of the week at Scout Camp and Grant and I just hung out.  I had some much needed downtime and it was wonderful.  Then both kids spent 3 days with my parents and Mark and I had a little staycation to celebrate out anniversary and his birthday.  We walked around the harbor, picked up abalone shells, kayaked, went out to dinner at 9:00, slept late {7:30 counts right?!}, relaxed on the beach and drank margarita's by the pool.  It was lovely.  Honestly, I don't know the last time I felt that mellow and relaxed.  It was just what the doctor ordered and I didn't even have to pack! 

I hardly pulled my camera out at all and I'm totally feeling fine about that.  Sometimes I just want to relax and enjoy the moment and not worry about getting a photo of it.  

Mark took the photo above one night when we were about to go out.  I said "honey, can you take a pic of my shoes?" and this is what I got.  Um, honey?  The shoes babe, a picture of the shoes.  Oh well, more about those shoes tomorrow.

So, even though I have almost no photos to share this week, I hope you do!!  Link up your photos below and show us all what you've been up to! 


  1. Girl, you are gorgeous. :)


  2. Amber, I second Teresa - that is a beautiful photo of you! So glad you and your hubby had some time to yourselves. Thank you for hosting....the fact that you hold this weekly party has definitely prompted me to capture the moments of summer a little more - even if I haven't gotten my act together to link up every week! Hope you enjoy the rest of summer!

  3. I totally understand wanting to stay in the moment and not worrying about shots lol. You are always beautiful Amber and I swear you never age lol. I am going to have to dig out our cheer picture we took together :)


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