Monday, September 26, 2011

paint chip & book page pennant

Remember how I told you in last week's post that I felt Reid's study was lacking a bit of color?  Well, I got a little inspiration from Pinterest and decided to make a quick banner to brighten it up a bit.

I think it adds a fun, whimsical vibe to the room.

I just used mini clothespins to attach the paint chips to the twine.  For the book pages, I cut some pages from a book I was done with, folded the pages in half and cut out a triangle shape which fit neatly over the twine.  I added a piece of double stick tape to keep the book page pennant sides together.

I think that the paint tags look like little colorful lanterns and of course the book page pennants go with the whole "study room" feel.

  This little DIY was quick, easy and free which makes it a total home run in my book!


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