Tuesday, September 20, 2011

reid's study: {almost} done!


For the past month or so I have been working on turning our sunroom into a homework study for Reid.  I'd still like to add a few more touches, but it's mostly done and I think I've learned that I'm never really done with any room in the house anyway!

Instead of using the desks along the wall, I placed them back to back so two people can work in the study together.

This room opens up right off of our Dining Room, so I had to be careful to make it sophisticated and classic enough to be right in the middle of the house, but fun and young enough to be a children's study. I framed some of Reid's artwork and leaned it on the cabinet for a bit of color and whimsy.

I shopped the house for quite a bit of the pieces in the room and only ended up having to purchase a few things.  The lamps are from Restoration Hardware a few years back.  They used to live in our bedroom.  The chairs used to reside in my workshop. 

Dumping all the crayons in a big bin seems to be the easiest way for Reid to find what he needs.

Reid calls this room "his office", lol.

The grey pillow, backpack basket and corkboard were all shopped from other rooms in the house.  The little black nightstand in the corner used to be in our entry and it lived in my workshop before that. 

I would like to add just a bit more color into the room...maybe a pennant banner {or a few} strung along the back wall in front of the drapes?  Or add some colorful new lampshades?  Any ideas?


Large Black Cabinet: Craigs List
Grey Pillow: Target
Backpack Basket: Target
Corkboard: Pottery Barn {old}
Black Nightstand: Trappings Home
Lamps and Shades: Restoration Hardware {old}
Crayon Bin: Container Store
Sconce: Lowes
Drapery Panels: Ikea
Drapery Rods: Lowes
Paint: Restoration Hardware, Slate


  1. I love it! I wish we had something like that. Our kids do their homework at the dining room table. Difficult when it comes to dinner time. We're all crashing and bumping into each other.

  2. Love this! Kid-friendly but totally stylish...

  3. It looks amazing Amber!!!! Wish I had a place like that to "work!"

  4. You've created such a nice "office" for you son :) I've been eying that big basket from Target!

  5. It looks great! I love that striped rug and the buffet!


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