Thursday, September 22, 2011

sunshine polishing cloths: free for all!!

Well hey there!  Happy Thursday!!  Just thought I'd pop in with a bit of business news.  I wanted to let you guys know that the sunshine polish cloths that are sold in the shop are now being sent with every order at no charge.  Woot!  Free stuff!! 

I get a lot of emails and questions about how to care for your necklaces and bracelets and I always refer back to the sunshine polish cloth.  It is the best thing I have found and it will last {cue sand lot boy}. 

Already placed an order?  Not to worry, I am not leaving you out in the cold!  Why should you be punished with no freebie, right?!  If you already own a {starfish} piece, please email me with your ship to address and "sunshine" in the subject of your email.  I will send a free one out to the first 20. 


{Side note:: I am counting on honestly here.  I am not asking for your order number or anything like that, but pleeeeease don't email me if you've actually never bought a piece from me.  That would totally punish the people who really did and might leave someone out in the cold who needs to polish up their bling}


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