Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Big, big, huge and gigantic news!!

Well, a few of you have already guessed it, but today I am officially announcing it:

IS NOW.....

In case you're wondering, Reid, of course, is the name of my oldest and London is what we would have named him had he been a girl.  And, I just love the way it sounds together.

I feel like the new name is more representative of what I do, which is primarily mommy jewelry with children's names.  When I started out, {Starfish} seemed like a great fit.  My line has such a California vibe and I am a California girl, and of course, we do live a couple blocks from the beach.  But, when you do a Google search for "starfish jewelry", you come up with 4,150,000 results.  Not even kidding.  It's not exactly good for business. 

I think the new name fits.  I think it sets me apart and I {hope} it will make it easier for people to find me on the web.  If you happen to get a compliment on your mommy bling in the grocery store from another savvy mama and you tell her you got it from London Reid, she is so much more likely to find me now.

As a bonus, my big presto-change-o comes with a much easier {and shorter} web address.

The shop is now located at:

Not to worry, though, the old {starfish} web address will forward to the new one for awhile.

The shop is obviously already updated, as is my twitter page.  I am still working on the new facebook page and the blog is still awaiting some changes as well.  I will keep you posted as we go.

So, even though it is a work in progress, the new London Reid branding has been set in motion and I am VERY proud of the new direction we are going. 

The one thing that is not changing is this: I will continue to offer unique, stylish, non-cheesy mommy and personalized jewelry that you can be proud to wear and give to your friends.

Thanks for joining me on this handmade journey.  I am excited about where we are going!! 


  1. congrats! great name! I had to do the same for my blog as it began as "Frugal Mama" and google just killed any chance of being found! haha. Glad you have such a great name to continue on with!

  2. love it! It sounds very "designer"! hugs

  3. What a fun and sentimental name. Love it!

  4. Love it! And those two names together would be a cute name for a girl! Congrats on the new direction!

  5. Best wishes on the new name. Boy, do I envy you living in San Diego and near the beach besides. San Diego is my happy place. :)

  6. Love the new name. I would have named my daughter London too!!!! Love, love, love it sis!

  7. Hi Amber, I am just now playing catch up after being without power for a few days (you are so lucky to live in that climate!!) I just wanted to take a moment and tell you that while I thought your old name was great, I recently told a friend about your jewelry and she said - WHICH Starfish site is it?? You are so right that this lovely new name will set you apart. I love your pretty jewelry and hope the gift-giving season ahead is busy for you!


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