Wednesday, October 12, 2011

diy clutter control

Hey guys!!  So a few weeks ago, we decided that it was time to bring Reid's old Thomas the Train collection out of the garage for Grant.  The boys looove playing Thomas together and I love seeing them interact. I remember why we were so happy to put it away last time:

There are Thomas tracks and trains all over the living room floor.  Little bits and pieces that get stepped on and tripped over and create a ole big mess for Mama to clean up.  Um, no thank you.

We had been storing them in a big plastic tub, but that wasn't really working.  It was too big and bulky for the boys to move so it was just constantly in the middle of the room and in the way.  Plus it was ugly. 

Then I came across an old wood bin in my workshop that I've had for years and a little light bulb went off.

I bought some casters at Lowes for a couple dollars and used my hot glue gun to attach them to all four corners of the underside of the box {the box was too thin to drill through}.

I let the glue cool, then set it on the wood floor and gave it a kick.  As it rolled across the Dining Room, I yelled "I'm a genius!!" {dead serious} and Reid and Sam came out of Reid's room to see what all the fuss was about. 

Reid said, "You're not a genius Mom.  You just put wheels on the bottom of a box."  Um, I'm sorry.  That's enough.  That totally qualifies.  I'm a genius.  Admit it or have a time out.

I added my favorite chalkboard label and loaded all the Thomas bits and pieces from all over the floor. 

Now the boys can roll it to wherever they are playing and because it's low to the ground it's easy for them to clean up and roll it out of the way when they're done.

Wonder what my kids are doing while I'm hot gluing my heart out?  Reid called "Mom!!  Special delivery!!" just as I was loading up the last Thomas pieces and this is what I found outside the back door. 

My sweet little pie.  Just look at those chubby fingers!!  Grant will pretty much do whatever his big brother tells him.  Luckily that hasn't gotten us into too much trouble...yet!

I hope I inspired you to run out and get some casters and fire up your hot glue gun!!


  1. I vote for genius! Love that idea. My little one will be getting his train set started next year and I will have to remember this idea for organization. I love it!

  2. So cute...wish I did that when my kids were little.

  3. Great idea, I may have to try that for all our bits and pieces! Btw I love your dog! What kind is he/she?

  4. You ARE a genius!! I'm totally doing this :)


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