Monday, November 28, 2011

thanksgiving recap

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  A few weeks back I posted a little Thanksgiving inspiration and shared a few of the plans I had for my Thanksgiving table.  I thought I'd show you all how it all turned out.

You can see our gratitude board got pretty full by the time the big day arrived!  I placed a few gratitude cards in each of the guests wine glasses so everyone could add to our board when they arrived.  And, no I didn't make anyone read them!

I put a burlap tablecloth over my new white table.

You can see I didn't waste any time ironing it.  Oops.  Once it was piled with food I don't think anyone noticed.

I had originally planned to use a burlap tablecloth on the main table too, but I ended up sticking with my tried and true craft paper tablecloth/runner.  Thanksgiving tic-tac-toe and doodling have become a bit of turkey day tradition...and it's just so easy!

Cut wine bottles filled with crayons and simple white candles lined the table. 

I used a corner rounder, heart hole punch and printed name labels to fancy up the gratitude tags I had already printed.  I added some ribbon, tied them on to the wine glasses and placed them in the center of each setting.  They did double duty as place cards and wine glass labels! 

Since we needed to add a second table to the Dining Room, I brought in a small folding table and draped it with long pieces of burlap on all sides to create an instant tablecloth.  I used the black chairs from the boys study and some barstools from the kitchen to add seating.

The centerpiece at the second table ended up being just a wooden box that I filled with burlap and a layer of pears.  So simple and easy.

The centerpiece at the main table?  Stalks of cabbage in a big mason jar.  I went in to the flower shop looking for ranunculus and they were {of course} out of season.  While I was scrambling to think of a back up, I spotted these and snagged every single one they had! 

The cabbage stalks were perfect!  The green and plum tones were exactly the colors I needed. 

And, since I ended up using fruits and vegetables instead of flowers, I ended up spending just $15 on my centerpieces.  Total.  For both.  Yeehaw.

A "be thankful" banner that we hung above the small table.  That was a project I started at about 11:00 the night before Thanksgiving.  Welcome to my life.  My poor husband.  I am always thinking we could use just one more project....and then one more.  My wheels never stop turning.

You have a yellow dump truck in the middle of your Dining Room too, right?!

I don't want to leave you thinking everything is perfect around here.  Check out my messy, messy kitchen!  This was right before we ate.  Pots and pans and drinks and dishes....everywhere!!  Thank goodness for Mark and my brother and sis in law who did all my dishes and cleaned my kitchen for me that day!


I hope your day was happy and I hope you enjoyed the peek into ours!  Hopefully I didn't overwhelm you with too many photos!!


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  2. I knew it would be fabulous!!!! The cabbage and pears are so simple and worked perfectly!! Absolutely Beautiful!

  3. Love the decor! Thanks for sharing!! I made a thankful banner on Thanksgiving morning :)

  4. I love how the cabbage coordinates with your signature ribbon! Katelyn

  5. What a beautiful, inviting home you have.

  6. Your Thanksgiving decor turned out beautifully! I can totally relate to what you said about your last minute projects. My husband often wakes up to come pull me away from my crafting table/sewing machine to get a couple of hours of sleep before our little lady wakes up!

  7. Beautiful house Amber! And happy thanksgiving! I would love to have a quiet thanksgiving one year... we had 52 this year!

  8. Everything looks so beautiful Amber!!!! Love the picture of the two of are way too cute together!


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