Tuesday, November 8, 2011

tuesday randomness via instagram

My week has already been just a little bit crazy...but I am determined to get a blog post up today.  Even if I have to type it from my bed where I am still resting after some medical stuff has had me down for the last 24 hours....but, I am not without my laptop!  Ha!  Can't keep my type A craziness in bed!!

My boys are not used to mommy resting and they kept coming to snuggle me last night.  So sweet.  Grant kept kissing me and saying "You're all better".  Sweetness.

Ready for some Tuesday randomness?  I love me some instagram!! 

Here we go....

Reid and I have been playing Scrabble.  I haven't won yet.  That's right.  I cannot beat my 7 year old in Scrabble.

My next DIY...can you guess what she is going to be??

Yummy new pomegranate lotion that I scored at Target.  Love. 

My handsome guys in their matching beanies.  I couldn't resist snapping a photo!

Grant was supposed to be a frog for Halloween, but we ended up with a last minute costume change and I think he made the sweetest little monkey!

He has been napping in his rocking chair and he wakes up and just snuggles there for awhile.  It's pretty darn cute.

Since we are so close to the ocean, we can watch the storms come in from our upstairs loft.  It's pretty amazing.  

I made meatballs and spaghetti from scratch with this recipe.  It's the real deal.  I don't make it often because it takes hours, but occasionally Mark can talk me into it.  It is one of his favorites.  And, it is really good.

Rolls and rolls of ribbon came in this week.  Holiday season prep {and craziness} has begun over at the shop!

Some good friends got married on the beach last weekend and it was absolutely gorgeous.

I think that about covers it!

 Happy Tuesday!!

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  1. Everything sounds {& looks!} great! I hope you get to feeling wonderful soon!!!

    -Many Smiles on this Happy Tuesday!


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