Tuesday, November 22, 2011

tuesday randomness via instagram

How does Tuesday get here so fast each week?  Is it just me?  The weeks are flying by, we are getting closer and closer to Christmas and {eek!} I haven't even started my Christmas shopping!!  I am a total last minute shopper.  Every year I swear I will get it all done early and every year...here we are again!!

But, aside from Christmas prep, I have been getting plenty of other things done.  Want to peek??

Last week was the annual Feller's Cake Bake fundraiser for Reid's Scout Den.  Basically, the boys and their Dad's make their most creative cake with no help from the Mama's {or anyone who isn't a "feller"} and then we all go to the auction and spend enormous amounts of money buying the cakes back.  This prevents us from having to sell popcorn in front of the grocery store.  It's a hugely profitable event for the Den and best of all, it's really FUN!! 

Mark and Reid make a sea life cake and we ended up buying the Angry Birds one in the middle for the extreme bargain of $120.  I'm dead serious.  That was a bargain.  Some cakes went for $300!!  It's all for a great cause though. 

Date night and gerbera's from my honey.  So gorgeous. 

I finally tried a pair of jeggings.  Did you know that the front pockets are sewn shut on those things?  I had no idea...and that might be a deal breaker for this mama when it comes to buying another pair.  I need pockets!

Oh Sam Sam {that is what Grant calls him}.  He is not allowed on the furniture.  Which totally does not stop him from getting up on the furniture.  Two feet from this chair sits his very cozy bed.  It's a bed for dogs.  Maybe that is the problem.  He doesn't think he is a dog.  A couple weeks ago, Mark's mom spent the night on Reid's bottom bunk and woke up to find Sam Sam sharing the bunk with her and snoring loudly.  Because, you know, he isn't allowed on the furniture...

The Christmas crazy has begun over at the shop and I am loving it!! 

We have started our biggest project of the year: painting the kitchen cabinets.  It might be a Christmas miracle if we finish by the end of the year!  They do look amazing though.  Crazy what paint can do.  I have been taking loads of photos.  I will post about that {hopefully} at some point in December when they are completely done!

Last, but not least, I have been trying to think of creative ways to spend time with Reid because he has been needing a little extra one on one lately.  I picked up some watercolor paint and paper and we spent an afternoon painting, chatting and baking cookies while Grant took his nap.  It was such a sweet, quiet time.  I am going to {try} to do something like that at least once a week with him. 

I think that wraps it up for this week!  I hope your week is off to a good start! 

I am trying to balance ironing out the final touches for Thanksgiving with entertaining the kids {since there is no school this week} and still squeeze work and blogging in somewhere too!

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