Tuesday, November 29, 2011

tuesday randomness via instagram

Every Tuesday I share a few instagram photos taken from my phone.  Little bits of this and that.  Nothing too earth shattering...just a little glimpse into our day to day around here!

There is just absolutely nothing sweeter than that first kiss early in the morning when your babies wake up.  Grant had just gotten up from his crib when this photo was taken.  I'm telling you, sometimes as a mom I literally feel like my heart walks outside of my body.  It's not even possible to describe how much I love them.


The night before Thanksgiving prep.  Arranging the centerpieces and whipping up a last minute banner to hang.  One thing I always do the night before we host a big event is open up all the recipes that I'm using, list out my menu and create a cooking schedule.  It's sounds dorky/type a {and I am both} but it works to keep us on schedule and chaos free. 

I spent most of Black Friday with my sis in law.  We got matching pedicures, followed by an afternoon of shopping.  So fun.  {Hopefully she doesn't kill me for posting this photo of her on the blog!  But, seriously, isn't she gorgeous?!}

My Black Friday purchases included a book for Reid, a cookie plate to use for Santa and shoes...oh, and a pedicure.  Does that even count?!

Shopping for the perfect tree, putting up lights and the finished masterpiece! 

Grant has started doing "thumbs up", but he never puts his thumb up.  So when you say, "Grant, how is your breakfast?" he just throws his fist in the air.  It cracks me up every time...

I hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday!!


  1. the thumbs up kills me...so adorable! love your tree and it's 250,000 lights!!!

  2. So darn cute that Grant!!!! Yes, I must know how many strands of lights you have on your tree!!!!!


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