Wednesday, November 16, 2011

what you can do with $15

A few weeks back, I spotted a round table on Craig's List that looked like it could be pretty if it was painted white.  It was listed for $15.  The only problem was that it wasn't very close to our house. was close to where Mark's childhood friend and his family live, and they agreed to pick it up for us.  {Thanks Nick and Kristan!!}.  Nick surfs near our house, so he was even able to bring it to us.  Score!

For $15, I was willing to buy it sight unseen.

Here it is in all its pre paint glory:

and here it is after a coat of Kilz primer, followed by a sanding and 4 {!!} coats of white paint in an eggshell finish.

I wasn't planning on priming it with the Kilz {which is a spray primer that will cover a multitude of sins}.  But...when I saw the table in person I realized that the legs were solid wood, but the top of the table was some sort of laminate, so the paint would not have adhered to it. 

{If you are working with a piece that is not solid wood, you can still make it paint-able by prepping it with a layer or two of Kilz spray primer.  The only problem is that it will leave a gritty surface, so you need to sand your piece with 220 grit sandpaper once the Kilz is dry.  After sanding, be sure and knock the dust off with a damp towel before you begin to paint.}  

So, here is the side by side before and after:

Not too bad for $15, right?!  Since I just used whatever white paint I already had in the garage, this really was a $15 project.  And, look even my grass got greener, lol!!  {the picture on the right was taken much later in the day}

Want to see where it landed once we brought it inside?

Yup, in my Dining Room, right next to another table.  Who says you can't have 2 tables in the Dining Room?  Not me!

I think it will be perfect as an extra space to serve food buffet-style for the holidays.   I always run out of room when we host a big group so now this gives me a little extra space to let people help themselves and spread things out a bit.  I'm really happy with how it turned out. 

By the way, that cute basket underneath the table is a Target find...I love those baskets and I use them all over the house.  Board games, laundry, cozy blankets.  I can't ever have too many of them!

I'll be back in the morning with details on the burlap wreath and gratitude pin board in case you want to DIY some for yourself!

PS If you've never painted furniture, you can read my step by step {here}


  1. LOVE it! It looks great in your dining room, too. And note to self: have guests over closer to the evening, when the grass is greener. ;)


  2. Looks amazing as usual!!!! When do you do all this??? Brady would have been covered in paint! Gratitude board looks great too!


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