Wednesday, December 28, 2011

fresh start

 The holiday shopping and decorating and celebrating is all over and to be honest, I'm over it.  By the time the 26th comes, the decorations and new toys and boxes everywhere start to make me feel just a little bit claustrophobic.  I know a lot of people like to let the season linger, but I love having my clean uncluttered house back again.  I love the fresh start.

I am ready to give the house a big scrub down, organize the toy bins and make a couple trips to Goodwill to lighten up for the New Year. 

And, speaking of the New Year, I've started thinking about my New Year's Resolution... 

I am going to do something different this year.   Since it's 2012, I am going to do "12 in 12".  One thing each month.  I'll post here on the first of each month about the resolution and let you know how I did on the last day of each month.  I'll be sharing my list with all 12 later this week.  Join me? 


  1. I love the 12 in 12 resolution idea! I might have to try that one! I too went on an organizing craze and purchased many new bins for all the toys! I keep my decorations up until my birthday on NYE but I too am ready to get a clean slate!

  2. You know I am IN! Sounds awesome! Just like everything else you do!! =) Happy New YeAr!!

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