Monday, December 12, 2011

right now

I am stealing this post idea from lindsey...who stole it from meg...who stole it from kimberlee...maybe you'll steal it from me?

right now I am..., nothing.  I watch almost zero tv.  I love football, but I haven't sat down to watch a game in awhile.  And, I love the Bachelor, but that's not on right now...

eating...candy.  I have the biggest sweet tooth and I have been on a total chocolate binge lately.  I recently discovered Hershey's Bliss Bars...holy cow.  I hide them in my office because I don't want to share.  Not even kidding.  Try one, you'll understand.

drinking...a sugar free red bull.  And, the chances are good that I am going to stay up way too late because of it.  Then I will regret that in the morning and grab myself an iced caramel latte.  Oh, hello vicious cycle... pink capri sweatpants, a tank top, my fave old grey hooded sweatshirt and Uggs {with thick socks underneath because you know, the Uggs just don't do the trick on their own}
I totally considered making up something more glamorous for this one...just so you know.

avoiding...dealing with all the end of year paperwork that has been patiently waiting for me.  I loathe paperwork.

feeling...calm, centered, productive

missing...story time.  Every night Reid and I usually read a chapter of Harry Potter {we are on book 3}, but the last week or so, I have been in the workshop late every night and Daddy has been doing the bedtime routine with the boys.  In a couple more days, all the Christmas orders will be out and we can get back to normal.

thankful...that we have a fun overnight trip planned this weekend.  I'm excited to have some down time and some family time and some loving on my boys time.  I need it.

weather...freezing.  At least for me.  I have never lived outside of California and I just don't do that well with the cold.  The last week has been especially cold for San Diego and the other night Mark asked, "are you wearing your Uggs to bed??"  {I told him that I would love to if they didn't have soles on the bottom!}

praying...that I don't get sick.  You know that feeling when you are right on the verge?  I have been feeling that way for the past 24 hours...Noooo!

needing...a manicure...badly.

thinking...that I need to get my Christmas shopping done.  Starting to feel a little stressed about that.

dreaming...about organizing and re arranging my workshop in January.

loving...fires in the fireplace, the way the Christmas tree lights up our living room at night, sweet snuggles from the boy who climbs in our bed every morning and tells me he loves me before falling back to sleep, warming up the boys sweatshirts and pajamas in the dryer.

And you?  What are you up to?

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