Sunday, January 1, 2012

12 in 12: January

2012 is here and 12 in 12 has begun! 

My January resolution is:

Get the house in order

This is my basic plan for the month...

1.  Re read Sink Reflections.  I read it in 2010 when I was feeling overwhelmed by having two small children at home and trying to juggle all that a busy family brings.  It helped me tremendously then and it's time for a refresher.  If you are looking to establish routines and order in your home, I highly recommend it.  

2.  Complete this 31 day plan

I will let you know how I did on the first of next month! 

Are you doing 12 in 12?  I would love to hear what your January resolution is!!

Happy 2012 everyone!!!


  1. Me, me!!! I've got a tough one for January, for me anyway! No sweets!! We'll see how it goes! Good luck with yours! Sink Reflections is great!

  2. So, since I've been working on the house I ended up switching my 12 around (already). This month, I'm joining you and getting the house organized. I already shined my going room to room. Hope to have the whole house done by the end of the month. This is the one time I'm so grateful to have a teeny tiny house...LOL!


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