Wednesday, January 25, 2012

tuesday {??} randomness via instagram

Oops it's Wednesday.  Well, let's just pretend that it's Tuesday and that I got this posted on time.  Sound good?

I am going to be heavy on photos and light on words this week.  Mostly because I have sooo many photos.  All of these photos are from my trip to Colorado last week.  I had such a blast.  Good times with great friends.  There are few people that know and love me the way that Adam and Betsy do.  And, there are few people that can make me laugh that hard for three straight days.  And, I adore their little girls.  When you have boys, it's nice to get to do girly stuff for a few days.  When I left, their little one asked me "Who is gonna do makeup??"  So sweet.  They call me Aunt Ber.  Love.  

Ready to check out this week's snaps?

{seriously FEET of fresh fallen snow.  When you are a California girl, that seems like a novelty.  So, I ate some.  Who knew that it would taste so refreshing?  Now I know.}

{Our fave drink.  Cheers!}

{Getting dolled up with my girls}

{Double socks.  Then Uggs.  That's how I stayed warm.}

{Road trip!!  On our way to Rocky Mountain Park.  I couldn't get enough of that place and I can't wait to go back.}

{Beautiful town square} 

 {Snow angels!!}


{Adam and Betsy}

{PS The first three pics were filtered through instagram but taken by Adam.  He is a professional photographer and takes some amazing shots.  You can see more of his work here}

Happy Tuesday, err....Wednesday friends!! 


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