Tuesday, February 28, 2012

tuesday randomness via instagram

It's Tuesday!!  How does that happen so fast every week?  In case you're new around here, each Tuesday, I share a few random moments via snapshots taken with my cell phone. 

I feel like this week has been a bit of a crazy spin.  One day rolls into the next and I haven't been getting as much sleep as I should.  But...even with lots on our schedule, I did manage to snap a few pics with my instagram app. 

Want to peek?

Baseball, baseball, baseball.  We had baseball 5 days last week.  Whew!

Flowers Mark picked up from the Farmer's Market on his way home from work.  Anyone know what these are called?

My new chalkboard has become a fun way to post messages.  I cracked up when Reid told me that I should put it somewhere "we could all see it"...It's right in the middle of the Living Room!!

Know what's hot?  Taxes.  Just joking.  But, I do think my husband looks pretty hot doing paperwork.  I'm just saying. ;)

Red onions.  They were for this mashed potato topping.  It is soo good.  Just a warning, though.  If you decide to try it, you'll never be able to go back to plain mashed potatoes.

I took this at the cliffs one day last week right before the rain rolled in.  It's crazy to see the rain come in over the ocean.  I love it.

Tomorrow is my sis-in-laws birthday {leap year baby!} and last weekend we were all able to get together at my parents house and celebrate her.  I stopped at Sprinkles and picked up some birthday cupcakes.  Yum...

  We are really lucky to have her in our family and I am so glad that my brother chose her.  I didn't get to have a sister growing up, so it's really fun to have one now. 


Hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

on serving others

This week I did something a bit out of my comfort zone.  The kids and I went and bought groceries for someone very in need of food and very in need of compassion. 

I have been thinking a lot about the kind of people I want our sons to be.  I want them to grow up to be good citizens, responsible, honest, considerate and kind hearted people, who look beyond themselves and try and do some good in the world around them. 

It's hard for Reid to understand what it would feel like to not have food to eat.  It was a good opportunity for us to have a discussion about how much we take for granted.  Things like electricity and food.  Clothes that keep us warm and shoes on our feet.

Reid helped me pick foods and put them in the cart.  It was super cute to hear him say things like "I think he might like this mom." 

The gentleman that we were helping lives near our equipment rental shop and we delivered the groceries there and he came and got them. He was blown away.  He told Mark he hadn't had this much food in his house in 5 years.  To put that in perspective, it was just $35 in groceries. 

Reid drew him a smiley face with the word "Enjoy" and put it in one of the bags.  This man's face lit up at Reid's little drawing.  He said he was going to put it on his fridge.

This sweet man has no family left and only a few friends and neighbors who watch out for him.  It meant the world to me to be able to do something kind for him.  He later called Mark and said that without people like us, he doesn't know how he would survive.  Gulp.  It just kind of puts that $5 latte I "need" into perspective, doesn't it?

It's a funny thing, helping others.  Because when you help someone else, you find that it helps you just as much.  When you try and make someone else happy, you find that it makes you happy as well. 

And, when you set out to teach your child to be focused on something besides themselves, you realize that you needed the lesson too.  Maybe even more than they did.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

diy done! {mirror turned chalkboard}

My latest DIY is D.O.N.E!!  Do you remember the old mirror that I wanted to turn into a chalkboard?

I think it looks so much cooler now!

I should really wipe off all that chalk dust and grab a chalk ink pen so it comes across as more black and white, but I love it anyhow. 

If you want to make one, all you need is a mirror with a cool, removable frame and a few cans of spray paint.  I found this one on Craig's List.

Mark used several coats of high gloss spray paint on the frame.

Then several coats of chalkboard spray paint directly onto the glass. Wait until both have dried thoroughly for a day or two, reattach and hang.

Pretty simple.  And super fun.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

tuesday randomness via instagram

Ready for another round of Tuesday Randomness?  Every Tuesday, I share a roundup of cell phone photos from our week.  Just little moments.  I hope you enjoy the peek into our day to day around here!

A few photos from Valentine's Day...well more than a few {sorry!}

My Valentine brought me these gorgeous roses last week...

and these sparkly shoes.  Sequined TOM'S {who knew?!}

We stayed up the night before Valentine's and decorated the breakfast table for the boys.

For me, it's really important to make a big deal of little moments.  Valentine's day started with pink milk, cinnamon rolls and a few little gifts for the boys.  They didn't stop talking about it all week. 

And then there was this:

A painting Reid made, attached to the front of a card.

The inside of the card read "Dear Mom and Dad, Happy Valentine's Day!  To the best family ever! Love, Reid"

It melted my heart. 

And, as if that wasn't enough, he held my hand on the way to his classroom and told me that no one has a better mom than him.  Oh man, I dread the day when I am not his one and only.


And a few pics from the rest of the week:

Playing Battleship.  I love playing board games.  It's seriously one of the highlights of mommyhood for me.

Getting ready to watch the sunset.

Comfort in a can.  I {heart} Campbell's soup, even at age 30.

Flower's on the counter, fresh from the Farmer's Market.

The reason I hope our next car plugs in to the wall.  There are many things that I would like to spend $103 on and none of them are gasoline... 

Sweet baby laughs.  Is there anything better?  Nope.

A sleeping baby comes pretty close though.

Grant loves to have the blankets and stuffed animals piled all around.  He is such a cuddle bug. 

And lastly...

Sunset at the cliffs last night.

I hope your week is off to a fantastic start!! 

Monday, February 20, 2012

it was amazing

Thanks to my parents taking the kids, Mark and I got to spend all of Friday together.  Our whole day was amazing.  Seriously a.MAZ.ing.  The way I hope our retirement will be.  I could not have planned it out to be more perfect.  We woke up and went for a run and then grabbed coffee and bagels before getting ready and heading out to golf.

I've never played a round of golf before.  I haven't even been to a driving range in probably 12 years.  Mark was super patient with me and we laughed when I swung and missed {which happened a lot!} and we took our time and I felt like I got to know another side of him that I don't usually get to see since he always golf's with his buddies.  It was awesome.  I would totally do it again.

After golf, we headed over to a new pub/grill that we had heard good things about.  We ate yummy bar food and I had a mid day margarita {whaaat??} and it was fun to just be together.  Trying new places to eat is one of our favorite things to do and we are super spoiled in that there are so many amazing local restaurants within 10 minutes of our house.

After lunch, we headed over to the bay and walked for probably an hour or maybe longer...I don't know.  It wasn't really a keep-track-of-time kind of a day.  We stopped to lay down in the grass under a tree.  It made me feel 10 years old again.  The picture at the top of this post is us on the grass...this was the view looking up into the tree:

It was so relaxing to think about nothing and just enjoy the beautiful day and the beautiful company and lie in the cool grass and be happy for all of it.

Mark and I have a "Yes!" policy most of the time, but especially on dates.  When one of us makes a suggestion, the other {almost} always answers "Yes!"

"Want to try this new pub for lunch?  I've heard good things." 
"Want to go over to the bay and walk off our lunch and see what we see?"
"Want to go grab a kayak and head out to watch the sunset?"

So there you go.  Next up.  Kayaking out to catch the sunset.  The water was cold, and our feet were numb by the time we made it back to the truck, but it was worth it.  When you live near the water, watching the sunset feels like a fitting way to end the day.  We enjoy it every chance we get.  And we are spoiled because it's always incredible. 

This might sound cheesy, but I feel like if I don't experience the water at some point in my day, whether checking the waves from the pier, running on the cliffs, kayaking, or whatever, I wasted the day.  Wasted the beauty it held.  Like I took it for granted. 

We are so fortunate to get to live this beautiful life in a beautiful place and I don't want to miss any moments.  I want to experience and be present for all of them.

After kayaking we went out to dinner at a new trendy place in town that all of our friends rave about {although we have tried it twice and don't care for it so much}.  Since there was a 2 hour {!!!} wait for a table, we made good use of our time by heading to La Jolla and grabbing a box of gourmet cupcakes from Sprinkles.  This was another new adventure.  They were yummy. 

Red Velvet, Lemon Coconut and Black and White.  Mmmmm.  I could go for one right now...

And, there you have it.  Our perfect day.  With a cupcake ending. 

I hope that Mark and I always stay best friends.  I hope that we always stay active and outside and laughing.  I hope that we always plan new adventures and I hope that we always stay spontaneous.  Most importantly, I hope that never stop saying "Yes!" to each other. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

tuesday randomness via instagram

Happy Valentine's Day! 

It's Tuesday so you know what that means! And, in case you're new here, Tuesday Randomness via Instagram is a weekly tradition where I share a few moments from our week via cell phone shots taken with my instagram app.


My favorite song of the moment.  Lee Brice, A Woman Like You.  Completely reminds me of Mark.  It's scary how much actually.

One day last week when we went to visit Daddy at the shop, Grant made a new friend.  Meet Maggie May.  Sweetness.

Wearing Daddy's glasses...Upside down.

Mark's Valentine's gift.  A box of ProV1's {his favorite} and a tee time for the two of us this Friday.  I hope he likes it and I hope he isn't too upset about me writing all over his new golf balls with red Sharpie!

{Side note: I have never played a round of golf before, but he mentioned that he would like for us to go together, so I am going to give it a whirl.  I figure, even if I am horrible, it will be good laughs and a few hours together without the kids, which is all I really want anyway.  But...If you have golfed, please let me know what your best tips are...and also, what do I wear??  I am clueless here.}

My sweet Valentine's.  All three of them.

Relaxing by the fire after a run last week.  It was freezing and I barely beat the rain home.  I almost didn't go, but I was so proud of myself afterwards.

A dandelion in the front yard that I thought looked so pretty through the camera.  I am learning to see beauty in the weeds. 

One of my new creations.  It is very similar to both the Tori and the Tristan, so I asked my facebook followers to help me come up with another T name...I loved all the suggestions and I'm still debating between a few of them...

New running shoes.  {From Costco!  Score!}

Raindrops and palm trees through my windshield yesterday.  I love driving in the rain.

Silly child in his crazy sweatshirt.

Reid's Valentine's for his classmates.  Armommy, of course.  They came out adorable.

The stormy pier yesterday.

Reid's school sells Valentine's Grams that the kids can buy and send to one another.  Reid sent them to three of his buddies.  {I was secretly relieved that he didn't send any to girls!!}  He was so cute with what he wrote "You are really good at wall ball" and "You are a good friend" and "You are really funny."  He took it so seriously.  Adorable.

Mark and I went for a walk on the Pier one morning last week and the waves were literally crashing over it.  I've never actually been on the pier while the waves were that high.  It was insane and super cool to experience.

And there you have it.  Phew!  That was a lot this week!  Thanks for sticking with me to the end of this one!


I am off to make cinnamon rolls...and pink milk...with whip cream and sprinkles, for my sweeties!

I hope you all have a fantastic Valentine's Day!! 
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