Wednesday, February 22, 2012

diy done! {mirror turned chalkboard}

My latest DIY is D.O.N.E!!  Do you remember the old mirror that I wanted to turn into a chalkboard?

I think it looks so much cooler now!

I should really wipe off all that chalk dust and grab a chalk ink pen so it comes across as more black and white, but I love it anyhow. 

If you want to make one, all you need is a mirror with a cool, removable frame and a few cans of spray paint.  I found this one on Craig's List.

Mark used several coats of high gloss spray paint on the frame.

Then several coats of chalkboard spray paint directly onto the glass. Wait until both have dried thoroughly for a day or two, reattach and hang.

Pretty simple.  And super fun.


  1. I LOVE it and I love how simple (at least how simply you make it seem) it is! So cute!!!

  2. Very cute...seems so simple and easy even I could try it ;)

  3. Sis......I love love love it. You are amazing. Are you ready for some more Catalina projects? Love you...see you Saturday!

  4. What a great Idea! so the chalkboard paint is spray on as well? Do you recommend a certain brand?


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