Monday, February 20, 2012

it was amazing

Thanks to my parents taking the kids, Mark and I got to spend all of Friday together.  Our whole day was amazing.  Seriously  The way I hope our retirement will be.  I could not have planned it out to be more perfect.  We woke up and went for a run and then grabbed coffee and bagels before getting ready and heading out to golf.

I've never played a round of golf before.  I haven't even been to a driving range in probably 12 years.  Mark was super patient with me and we laughed when I swung and missed {which happened a lot!} and we took our time and I felt like I got to know another side of him that I don't usually get to see since he always golf's with his buddies.  It was awesome.  I would totally do it again.

After golf, we headed over to a new pub/grill that we had heard good things about.  We ate yummy bar food and I had a mid day margarita {whaaat??} and it was fun to just be together.  Trying new places to eat is one of our favorite things to do and we are super spoiled in that there are so many amazing local restaurants within 10 minutes of our house.

After lunch, we headed over to the bay and walked for probably an hour or maybe longer...I don't know.  It wasn't really a keep-track-of-time kind of a day.  We stopped to lay down in the grass under a tree.  It made me feel 10 years old again.  The picture at the top of this post is us on the grass...this was the view looking up into the tree:

It was so relaxing to think about nothing and just enjoy the beautiful day and the beautiful company and lie in the cool grass and be happy for all of it.

Mark and I have a "Yes!" policy most of the time, but especially on dates.  When one of us makes a suggestion, the other {almost} always answers "Yes!"

"Want to try this new pub for lunch?  I've heard good things." 
"Want to go over to the bay and walk off our lunch and see what we see?"
"Want to go grab a kayak and head out to watch the sunset?"

So there you go.  Next up.  Kayaking out to catch the sunset.  The water was cold, and our feet were numb by the time we made it back to the truck, but it was worth it.  When you live near the water, watching the sunset feels like a fitting way to end the day.  We enjoy it every chance we get.  And we are spoiled because it's always incredible. 

This might sound cheesy, but I feel like if I don't experience the water at some point in my day, whether checking the waves from the pier, running on the cliffs, kayaking, or whatever, I wasted the day.  Wasted the beauty it held.  Like I took it for granted. 

We are so fortunate to get to live this beautiful life in a beautiful place and I don't want to miss any moments.  I want to experience and be present for all of them.

After kayaking we went out to dinner at a new trendy place in town that all of our friends rave about {although we have tried it twice and don't care for it so much}.  Since there was a 2 hour {!!!} wait for a table, we made good use of our time by heading to La Jolla and grabbing a box of gourmet cupcakes from Sprinkles.  This was another new adventure.  They were yummy. 

Red Velvet, Lemon Coconut and Black and White.  Mmmmm.  I could go for one right now...

And, there you have it.  Our perfect day.  With a cupcake ending. 

I hope that Mark and I always stay best friends.  I hope that we always stay active and outside and laughing.  I hope that we always plan new adventures and I hope that we always stay spontaneous.  Most importantly, I hope that never stop saying "Yes!" to each other. 


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