Tuesday, February 14, 2012

tuesday randomness via instagram

Happy Valentine's Day! 

It's Tuesday so you know what that means! And, in case you're new here, Tuesday Randomness via Instagram is a weekly tradition where I share a few moments from our week via cell phone shots taken with my instagram app.


My favorite song of the moment.  Lee Brice, A Woman Like You.  Completely reminds me of Mark.  It's scary how much actually.

One day last week when we went to visit Daddy at the shop, Grant made a new friend.  Meet Maggie May.  Sweetness.

Wearing Daddy's glasses...Upside down.

Mark's Valentine's gift.  A box of ProV1's {his favorite} and a tee time for the two of us this Friday.  I hope he likes it and I hope he isn't too upset about me writing all over his new golf balls with red Sharpie!

{Side note: I have never played a round of golf before, but he mentioned that he would like for us to go together, so I am going to give it a whirl.  I figure, even if I am horrible, it will be good laughs and a few hours together without the kids, which is all I really want anyway.  But...If you have golfed, please let me know what your best tips are...and also, what do I wear??  I am clueless here.}

My sweet Valentine's.  All three of them.

Relaxing by the fire after a run last week.  It was freezing and I barely beat the rain home.  I almost didn't go, but I was so proud of myself afterwards.

A dandelion in the front yard that I thought looked so pretty through the camera.  I am learning to see beauty in the weeds. 

One of my new creations.  It is very similar to both the Tori and the Tristan, so I asked my facebook followers to help me come up with another T name...I loved all the suggestions and I'm still debating between a few of them...

New running shoes.  {From Costco!  Score!}

Raindrops and palm trees through my windshield yesterday.  I love driving in the rain.

Silly child in his crazy sweatshirt.

Reid's Valentine's for his classmates.  Armommy, of course.  They came out adorable.

The stormy pier yesterday.

Reid's school sells Valentine's Grams that the kids can buy and send to one another.  Reid sent them to three of his buddies.  {I was secretly relieved that he didn't send any to girls!!}  He was so cute with what he wrote "You are really good at wall ball" and "You are a good friend" and "You are really funny."  He took it so seriously.  Adorable.

Mark and I went for a walk on the Pier one morning last week and the waves were literally crashing over it.  I've never actually been on the pier while the waves were that high.  It was insane and super cool to experience.

And there you have it.  Phew!  That was a lot this week!  Thanks for sticking with me to the end of this one!


I am off to make cinnamon rolls...and pink milk...with whip cream and sprinkles, for my sweeties!

I hope you all have a fantastic Valentine's Day!! 


  1. Thank you for everything. I love you so much.
    I am excited about our golf date. You will look amazing in whatever you wear. I LOVE YOU Mark.

  2. How sweet is that golf Valentine! I love it! So creative and thoughtful. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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